CompassCom Announces the Launch of Compass.University Event Series

by | Apr 4, 2022

DENVER, CO “ CompassCom Software Corp., a leading provider of fleet tracking and asset management solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of Compass.University.

Compass.University is comprised of a series of thought provoking, free, virtual events aimed at helping those in Public Works, Public Safety, Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Utilities industries, increase their efficiencies and enhance their operations regarding Mobile Resource Management (MRM).

I am extremely proud that we are bringing this program to not only our customers, but to the broader industry audience. stated Brant Howard, founder and chief executive officer. We want to share our knowledge and provide resources that will assist people in understanding how telematics solutions can support their efforts in achieving greater operational efficiencies, while also increasing the level of safety for their workers.

The inaugural session Telematics Solutions for Public Works, Department of Transportation, and Utilities takes place on April 7, 2022, and features speakers from Esri, Illinois DOT, City of Fort Collins and more. Future events taking place May through August will cover topics such as; Public Safety Operations, Interoperability with Motorola Mobile Radio, Cellular and TAK, and Winter Snowfighting and Maintenance.

For more information or to register for the event, visit either the CompassCom website “ or the Compass.University website –

About CompassCom

Since 1994 CompassCom has delivered accurate location data you can trust to empower results, leveraging the power of Esri ArcGIS. More than just vehicles on a map, CompassCom delivers real-time data to enhance command and control, based on an ArcGIS common operational picture. Providing our platform internationally to governments, public safety, defense, public works, DOTs, utilities, energy, and other organizations that want an off-the-shelf solution that has the flexibility to be tailored to support their mission. Our users experience measurable ROI for improved safety, efficiency, accountability, and sustainability to enable continuous improvement to support operational excellence.

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