CIOE-Intelligent Sensing Expo to promote industrial development

by | Mar 30, 2021

SHENZHEN, ChinaAs one of the 6 expos in CIOE, Intelligent Sensing Expo focuses on new products, technologies, and trends of sensors, focusing on the application of sensors in consumer electronics, smart driving, smart home, advanced manufacturing, medical and other fields. The exhibits will cover LiDAR, 3D vision, industrial sensors and measurement, fiber optic sensors, millimeter wave radar and IoT.

With the development of a new generation of information technology industry, sensor technology and systems are becoming an important industry in the national economy. Statistics show that China’s sensor market size reached 218.88 billion yuan in 2019, and the market size is expected to reach 295.18 billion yuan by 2021, and the industry will maintain a rapid growth rate of 17.6%. And sensors as the core technology products are rapidly used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial automation, medical, aerospace, and other fields.

Showcasing the upstream and downstream industry chains

1. LiDAR

CIOE 2021 will focus on displaying well-known domestic and foreign LiDAR brands and innovative products, from core components such as lasers, scanners and photodetectors to LiDAR systems and solutions, with the participation of companies including ON Semiconductor, Innoviz, Robesnese, Surestar, Innovusion, Ouster, Neuvition, Hesai, Lorentech, HongKe, Tanway, Leizhi, Litratech, Robvision, DJI, LuminWave, Timootech, SIHERIA, Photonx, etc.

2. 3D Vision

3D vision is more applied to face recognition, map GIS, driver recognition, autonomous driving, AR/VR action recognition, UAV flight obstacle avoidance, industrial robot object recognition, security monitoring, etc. As a 3D vision industry event, Intelligent Sensing Expo showcases infrared LEDs, VCSELs, MEMS micro-mirrors, image sensors, image processing chips, application solutions, etc. Some of the confirmed exhibitors include ams, Lumentum, VisionICs, Adaps Photonics, OPNOUS, Abax Sensing, RaySea, Reinlight, V-Sensor, dpt, Raysees, Lemon Photonics, CDA, etc.

3. Industrial Sensing

CIOE and Shenzhen Sensor and Intelligent Instrumentation Industry Association have joined hands to create a special industrial sensing exhibition area, with some representative enterprises including Lixinrui Control Technology, Soway, Kepurui Sensor Instrument, GIDomino, XJCSensor, Kemit, Hoto Intelligent Control, Topera Technology, Wangsensor, INFRATEC, FiberSens, etc., which focus on displaying position, liquid level, displacement, pressure, infrared dust, and other types of sensors. Products can be applied to new energy vehicles, industrial robots, drones, medical equipment, heating ventilation equipment and automated production, processing, testing fields.

Insightful forums to cover the entire industry and application fields

From industrial conferences such as sensors and LiDAR to application conferences such as consumer 3D sensing, mobile robotics, AI security, smart driving, etc., to help enterprises follow the latest industry policy trends, to get market information, and to promote the development of sensor companies in various applications.

CIOE 2021 “ Intelligent Sensing Expo is an ideal sourcing platform for global industry professionals to connect with China’s suppliers and experts. Click here to get your free ticket and visit the annual gathering at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center on September 1-3, 2021.


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