Bracell Receives Excellence Award at Agrisummit 2023 for Advancing ESG Goals through GIS Innovations

by | Aug 31, 2023

SINGAPOREAug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bracell, a leading global producer of dissolving pulp, has been recognised with the prestigious Excellence Award at Agrisummit 2023, a renowned event focusing on innovation and geotechnology in the Brazilian agribusiness sector. The sixth edition of the summit celebrated sustainability solutions and best practices that contribute significantly to the advancement of the agricultural industry.

During the Agrisummit 2023, Bracell, a member of the RGE group of companies founded by Sukanto Tanoto, was commended for its exceptional utilisation of Geographic Information System (GIS) in promoting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives. The company’s outstanding efforts in driving sustainability initiatives in the agribusiness sector through GIS tools were acknowledged by industry peers and experts.

At the event, Bracell presented its ground-breaking Carbon Monitoring project, which was developed using cutting-edge remote sensing techniques and ESRI GIS tools. The project aimed to comprehensively map the successional stages of native vegetation areas owned by Bracell and its partners. By doing so, Bracell effectively calculated carbon removal and storage levels, leading to the creation of valuable data and query tools for corporate sustainability and environmental reporting. These insights have proved instrumental in supporting informed decision-making and setting ambitious environmental goals.

“We are absolutely thrilled by this remarkable achievement, as our mission revolves around improving people’s lives through sustainable resource development,” said Jeanderlon Veiga, Geoprocessing Analyst at Bracell SP. “As one of the world’s largest producers of dissolving pulp, our 5Cs business philosophy underpins everything we do, ensuring that our actions benefit the community, country, climate, customers, and, ultimately, the company. We are extremely proud of the collaborative efforts of our geoprocessing/remote sensing department and sustainability team. Their work enables us to efficiently and responsibly manage and utilise our resources.”

Agrisummit is an initiative hosted by Imagem Geosistemas, the official distributor of ESRI, the United States’ leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provider. The event brought together key players from the Sugar and Ethanol, Forestry, and Grain sectors, who showcased successful case studies of leveraging GIS, Analytics, and A.I. technologies to enhance their operational efficiency and sustainability practices.

Bracell’s recognition with the Excellence Award reaffirms its commitment to pioneering sustainable practices. Through ongoing innovations and a dedication to environmental stewardship, the company continues to set the bar high for sustainable resource management.


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