Bluesky Aerial Views Add Drama to New TV Police Show

by | Apr 30, 2015

Leicestershire, April 30, 2015 ” Aerial photography from Bluesky is set to feature in a brand new Channel 4 police drama No Offence. The highly detailed aerial images are used by an unorthodox crack team of detectives who are investigating a particularly twisted serial killer. Featuring in a scene where the police are trying to determine where the killer takes his victims, the digital photography allows the investigating team to progressively zoom into the location as they discuss the case.

Described as a precinct police comedy drama, Paul Abbott's No Offence is set in a crumbling Victorian police station on the ˜wrong' side of Manchester. The eight part series features a host of stars playing a committed team of cops who go above and beyond the call of duty to bring down the criminal community. No Offence is currently filming in Manchester and is due to be broadcast on Channel 4 later this year.

Paul Coe, Chief Operating Officer at production company AbbottVision, commented, The images from Bluesky are so detailed they allow us to convey real world detail in a single shot. They also have a recognisable feel for viewers “ helping to sell the scene and giving a realism a show like No Offence requires.

Piers Wenger, Channel 4 Head of Drama, described the series as: No Offence is the best of what the world has come to expect from a Paul Abbott script: characters you can adore, gags which practically blind you with their brilliance and plots which, while appearing outlandish, challenge the way you think about the world.

Paul Abbott added, I'm a big fan of well-told cop shows and jet-black social comedy, and I wanted to see how explosively we could bang two genres' heads together. No Offence is reared on wilder-than-average seeds; it's a tilted, hardcore blend of cop drama, family saga and social mayhem.

The production company AbbottVision purchased the imagery of Manchester from Bluesky's nationwide archive of high resolution, regularly updated aerial photography available to view and purchase online at

Within one hour of contacting Bluesky, I had a sample image to see if I could work with it within the scene, concluded Coe. At every stage Bluesky has demonstrated a ˜can do' attitude and we will certainly be returning for series two.


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