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November 30, 2018
BeBop Sensors Wins TIME Magazine Best Inventions 2018 Award for Forte Wireless Data Glove

Berkeley, CA — BeBop Sensors, the leader in smart fabric sensor technology with over 2 million state-of-the-art wearable smart fabric sensors shipped, announced today that it has won TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions 2018 Award for the Forte Wireless Data Glove. The first fully featured affordable wireless data glove to incorporate haptics and super accurate rapid sensing, the BeBop Sensors data glove is perfect for a wide variety of applications, including industrial, medical, human factors, virtual reality, gaming, design, and more. The gloves are created for over 15 hours of wireless use, ultra-comfortable, one-size-fits-all, and light-weight — unlike any other gloves in the market. See the award info at:
Forte Wireless Gloves Bring Designs to Life in 3D
Patrick Lucas Austin, Technology Columnist, TIME Magazine, thinks that the ability to have digital “hands” in virtual reality could be a game changer for creative professionals, allowing them to bring their designs to life in a three-dimensional VR space. “California-based BeBop Sensors is making that possible with its Forte wireless gloves, which allow users to grab and manipulate digital objects as if they actually existed in real life. Thanks to flexible sensors embedded in their fabric design, the Forte gloves can track more of a wearer’s hands than other virtual-reality gloves (most of which are designed for simpler uses in video games). That translates into far better accuracy when replicating a wearer’s movements. Architects, for instance, are already using the Forte gloves to assemble VR models of their buildings that make it easier to see how they will look when constructed in real life,” Austin concluded.
“We are honored to win TIME Magazines’ Best Inventions 2018 Award for BeBop Sensors’ innovative Forte wireless data gloves,” said Keith McMillen, Founder and CEO, BeBop Sensors. “Our gloves help the user blend with the VR environment, with embedded haptic actuators that allow you to feel the texture of different surfaces, as well as provide feedback when you pick up something or push against an object.”
About TIME Best Inventions Award
TIME’s annual 50 Best Inventions Award lists products making the world better, smarter and even a bit more fun. To assemble the 2018 list, TIME solicited nominations across a variety of categories from their editors and correspondents around the world, as well as through an online application process. Each contender was then evaluated on key factors, including originality, creativity, influence, ambition and effectiveness. The result: 50 groundbreaking inventions that are changing the way we live, work, play and think about what’s possible. See the full list of TIME Magazines’ Best Inventions Awards at: See BeBop Sensors’ TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions Award at:
About BeBop Sensors
BeBop Sensors uses smart fabrics to create elegant sensor solutions for OEMs. Where things or people interact, BeBop Sensors comprehends force, location, size, weight, bend, twist and presence across any size, resolution and geometry. BeBop’s technology is robust and proven with over two million sensors in daily use. Based in Berkeley, California, BeBop Sensors makes things knowable for product designers and visionaries. For more information and demonstrations, see the BeBop Sensors website:

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