Aibotix and Its Partners at CeBIT 2016

by | Mar 9, 2016

The research project InventAIRy will be part of this year's DRONEMASTERS Summit during CeBIT 2016in Hannover, Germany. Aibotix and Fraunhofer IML, Dortmund, Germany, will present the first results of the project. Aim of the project is to develop an autonomous flying inventory UAV.

Inventory of the Future: A Drone based Auto ID Parkour – this title stands for the unique collaboration between the project partners Goodstag, RAKO Group and NXP as well as the participants of the research project InventAIRy consisting of Bonn University, Fraunhofer IML, Wiedmann, Panopa and Aibotix. This research project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy and runs as part of the technology program “AUTONOMIK of Industry 4.0”.

Taking place from March 14, 2016 CeBIT in Hannover, the core competencies of the project partners are vividly presented. On a Parkour, which simulates a warehouse situation, storage boxes are built in five areas. These are provided with RFID chips and scanned within seconds with sensors mounted on a special research version of the industrial drone Aibot X6. In the second step, the generated information is visualized on a web-based solution of the company Goodstag in real time on the website

The range of applications for this type of storage management is broad. The aim is to develop an autonomous flight system based on a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which can, equipped with high-precision sensors, autonomously  interact with other objects or systems. The special challenges lie in the exact positioning of the flight robot, an autonomous flight planning and the identification of storage objects. Optical sensors help to identify objects or barcodes. Wireless sensor technologies such as RFID allow the system to identify objects in a batch. Using intelligent identification and processing systems help to read the data stored on the chips. They are processed, analyzed and used for further planning and management processes.

The research project InventAIRy will have to continue for some time before an autonomous variant of a flight robot can be presented ready for series production. This year’s CeBIT is a unique opportunity to showcase the possibilities for future uses of hexakopters. Future scenarios with partners such Goodstag, RAKO Group and NXP will be possible thanks to new sensor technologies. The first steps of this solution landscape can be shown already this year. The DRONEMASTERS Summit provides a suitable platform.

Find all project partners on a small booth in Hall 16, Stand D41. In addition, there will be several daily live demonstrations of the inventory process by flying robots at the arena of DRONEMASTERS Summit. The start of the cooperation project will be on Monday, March 14, 2016, at 10:00 am, in the conference area of ‹‹DRONEMASTERS Summit. During a presentation all partners will be introduced.

“InventAIRy clearly shows which areas of the industry could benefit from UAV in the future,” said Nils Thoss, Head of Global Sales & Marketing of Aibotix GmbH. “While the main focus of our solutions is currently in the field of mapping & surveying and industrial inspection from the air, the various sensors offer many opportunities for completely new application areas. This can include autonomous flying robots for inventory processes.”

InventAIRy will also be part of the official conference “Take Your Business To The Sky” on Wednesday, March 16 2016. Martin Fiedler, Head of AutoID Technologies Fraunhofer IML, presents the first results of InventAIRy.


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