Agora World Named Inaugural Recipient of Cesium Ecosystem Grants

by | May 25, 2023

PHILADELPHIA Agora World is thrilled to be selected as one of the inaugural recipients of the Cesium Ecosystem Grants. Our project, GeoForAll, aims to democratize access to advanced 3D geospatial technology by integrating Cesium’s powerful capabilities into our user-friendly platform. From urban planning and environmental impact assessments to virtual tourism and military training simulations, the integration will facilitate the creation of immersive, geographically accurate metaverse experiences without requiring coding skills.

“We believe in the power of collaboration, lowering barriers to entry, and fostering accessibility in the realm of 3D geospatial technology”, said Ethan Berg, Founder and CEO of Agora World. “By working with Cesium, we’re democratizing access to high-precision, geospatial digital modeling, and opening up a world of possibilities for a diverse array of individuals to incorporate accurate digital replicas of real-world environments into their creative, educational, and professional pursuits.”

At Agora World, we strive to simplify the metaverse. Our no-code, drag and drop metaverse design platform empowers users to create professional-quality 3D content and immersive social experiences. By providing turnkey backend and multiplayer infrastructure along with cross-platform compatibility for metaverse experiences, we handle the complex, behind-the-scenes development, allowing our creators to concentrate on the heart of their project: the design of their experience. When combined with Cesium, businesses, educators, and creators alike can construct highly accurate digital twins of real-world locations, crafting experiences that mirror reality down to the finest detail with no code.

About Agora World

Agora World is an award-winning no code, metaverse social engine for custom branded experiences, live events, business meetings, educational experiences, and countless other applications that require social interaction and fast and easy customization (


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