1Spatial's Data Supports European Data Harmonisation

by | May 13, 2015

Cambridge, May 13, 2015 ” (www.1spatial.com) 1Spatial plc, the spatial big data company, is delighted to announce it will be exhibiting at the forthcoming INSPIRE “ Geospatial World Forum 2015 event on Stand 25A. The combined event offers a stage for stakeholders, governments and businesses to discuss and develop synergies between the rapidly converging geospatial technologies and good governance, institutional, legal and common framework initiatives.

In addition to exhibiting, Nicolas Regnauld, Product Manager at 1Spatial, will be presenting within the Data Management session on Tuesday 26th May during the afternoon. His presentation will discuss how 1Spatial's technology has been developed to support European data harmonisation through rules-based automation. Rules have been developed in collaboration with leading European mapping agencies, to check the quality of the data, enforce cross border consistency, and then generalise the data between scales.

1Spatial's 1Generalise provides a ready-to-go solution to automatically derive cartographic products from topographic data. The rules that drive the generalisation algorithms can be tweaked by the user to adapt the predefined processes to their needs. 1Generalise is designed to handle large amounts of data to derive seamless countrywide generalised datasets. This offers organisations like National mapping Agencies the opportunity to respond to market changes by building new products quickly. 1Generalise also operates in change only update mode, only updating parts of the products affected by changes in the source data. This greatly improves the efficiency of map production systems.

Jo Shannon, Head of National Mapping Agencies & Land Administration at 1Spatial, also commented The conference is an incredible geospatial collaboration platform – bringing together users, technology developers, data providers and policy makers from across Europe to discuss the latest developments of the INSPIRE Directive and common policy issues. The event gives delegates the opportunity to share their success stories and show what good quality spatial data can achieve for an organisation, regardless of its size.

The underlying objectives of both INSPIRE and Geospatial World Forum is to promote the optimal use and implementation of spatial data and resources for growth. The event will bring together over 2000 delegates from across the globe and has 350 confirmed speakers on board.

Geospatial World Forum 2015 aims to enrich the geospatial ecosystem with market intelligence, technology trends, success stories and capacity building.  The Forum's schedule is diverse, ranging from keynotes and technology showcases to workshops, panel discussions and exchange forums.  This year's conference will centre on convergence: Policies, practices and processes (PPP) via public private partnership “ three key factors affecting the growth of the geospatial industry.

For further details go to: http://1spatial.com/event/2015/03/18/inspire-geospatial-world-forum-2015