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MicroCarb, the first European CO2 monitoring mission, added Lynred’s large-format SWIR detector, NGP, to its spectrometer instrument built by Airbus Defence & Space. The MicroCarb mission, led by the French space agency CNES, is planned for launch in 2021.

“The aim of the MicroCarb mission is to accurately measure the atmospheric concentration of CO2 across the globe as well as improve our understanding of the mechanisms through which global climate change unfolds,” said François Buisson, MicroCarb project manager at CNES. “MicroCarb is the first mission of its kind in Europe. It gained support from the French government during COP-21 in Paris in December 2015. CNES and satellite manufacturer Airbus Defence and Space set the mission’s stringent requirements through which Lynred’s NGP detector was selected, the only IR detector available with capabilities that met our needs, due to its high-level of performance.”



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