Exhibitors Announce Activities at SPAR International 3D Measurement & Imaging Conference

by | Apr 16, 2014

April 10, 2014, Portland, Maine”Fifty hardware manufacturers, software suppliers and service providers will be exhibiting at next week's  SPAR International 3D Measurement & Imaging Conference in Colorado Springs. The platform-neutral event allows attendees to compare and qualify solutions from all the leading providers at in one place and at one time. SPAR International runs from April 14-17 at The Broadmoor. Full event information can be found here.  These SPAR International exhibitors provided the following product and company announcements:

3D Laser Mapping (Booth 233)¨3D Laser Mapping is pleased to present a range of mobile mapping solutions including; StreetMapper, the world's most accurate mobile mapping system, the newly launched VMapper, a highly portable system, lower cost system and our handheld mobile mapping system, ZEB1. 3D Laser Mapping is a world-leading provider of laser scanning technology with a team of highly trained technical experts offering the very best in training and after sales support. Demo date and time: Thursday, April 17 from 11:15 “ 11:30am. For more information visit www.3dlasermapping.com¨Contact: Emily Williams, [email protected]

Autodesk (Booth 431)¨Autodesk is excited to be at SPAR talking about Reality Computing and Autodesk ReCap.  Reality Computing is a new and emerging concept that unifies the digital and physical worlds, bringing together products and technologies to digitally capture existing conditions, manipulate and analyze captured data, and realize results back in our physical world.  As a part of Reality Computing, the Autodesk ReCap product line provides solutions that enable customers to capture and integrate reality directly into their design process. With ReCap, point clouds and image-based 3D models can be used seamlessly within Autodesk design and creation suites.  Customers can start their design with accurate dimensions and full photo-quality context rather than a blank screen.  Reality Computing and ReCap are changing how we think about and work with captured 3D data “ it's not enough to visualize point clouds, it's about better design efficiency, confidence during construction and trust in understanding the physical world without physically being there. Visit www.autodesk.com¨Contact: Angela Costa Simoes, [email protected]

Elysium (Booth 613)¨Elysium, a developer of quality interoperability solutions for digital design and PLM markets, will exhibit at SPAR International at Booth 613. Infipoints is one of few applications which can handle billions of point clouds with high performance. This is a total solution system which covers the entire process of the projects: from preprocessing the data from 3D scanning, for example, registering shots and removing noises, to utilizing the obtained data, for example, measuring and checking interferences against imported CAD data, exporting 2D drawings and more. One of the biggest appealing points of InfiPoints is the interoperability”importing 2D drawings or 3D CAD models and exporting created 2D drawings or extracted pipes, in multiple formats. Recent enhancements include: exporting visualization files which allows non-InfiPoints users to view and edit point cloud data and exporting orthogonal images. The future enhancements are modeling pipes, creating movies and embedding hyperlinks to external data as 3D notes in point cloud data. InfiPoints accelerates the utilization of point cloud data. For more information, visit www.elysium-global.com/¨Contact: [email protected]

Esri (Booth 211)¨Visit Esri in booth 211 at SPAR International 2014 and see how ArcGIS provides a platform to create innovative, specific user solutions for Lidar, 3D laser scanning, and other remotely sensed data types. No matter the scale, you can create your own tools and software solutions, share your 3D data more easily and reach a broader audience for your data with GIS. And don't miss Esri's technical workshops during the conference “ free with your SPAR registration. These hands-on-labs will give you the opportunity to try out the ArcGIS platform and learn more about using lidar and the advantage of applying automation using procedural modeling. On Tuesday, join Esri in the workshop Enabling your organizations with Esri 3D Basemaps and the Esri 3DCIM. Learn more at http://www.sparpointgroup.com/SPAR-International-2014-Esri-Workshops/ or stop by booth 211. http://www.esri.com/¨Contact: Karen Richardson, [email protected]

Leica Geosystems (Booth 311)¨Professionals looking for the most efficient, effective way to capture, process and manage 3D spatial data will want to spend time at the Leica Geosystems booth. The company will highlight the latest innovations in dedicated and integrated scanning solutions”from the industry's most trusted high-speed HDS laser scanners, to the versatile Nova MS50 MultiStation and Pegasus:One mobile mapping solution, to the fastest, most intuitive point cloud processing software, along with the streamlined workflows and market-leading support that are critical to laser scanning success. Get industry insights and application tips from the experts, and see the newest hardware and software tools in action. Plus, watch for the unveiling of an exciting new solution happening at the conference! To learn more about Leica Geosystems, visit www.leica-geosystems.us.¨Contact: Jennifer Bumford, [email protected]

LFM Software/Aveva (Booth 517)¨LFM Software Limited will be showcasing early previews of the upcoming release of LFM NetView which introduces mobile technology to the LFM suite of products for the first time. LFM NetView allows users to remotely access, review and annotate the laser scan dataset providing a critical tool for project collaboration and asset management. With a seamless connection to the LFM master dataset, end-users are able to simultaneously and securely access and share huge databases containing an unlimited number of scans without loss of resolution. The upcoming release of LFM NetView 4.0 introduces truly unique 3D mark-up functionality, tablet enablement and an offline mode allowing for onsite work and later collaboration. This technology delivers the as-is condition of an asset to the desktops of an entire organisation allowing for closer working between engineering and project as well as between service providers, engineering companies and Operators. Please visit LFM on stand 517 for your preview. www.aveva.com/

Contact:  Matt Wren, [email protected]

Matterport (Booth 527)¨Matterport, a leading computer vision technology company located in Mountain View, CA provides a comprehensive product platform for capturing, creating and experiencing three dimensional photographic models. The Matterport platform”which consists of the Matterport Pro 3D Camera, Matterport's cloud services and the Matterport Web Player”brings realism, depth and ease-of-use to digital capture and viewing of interiors and spaces in a fast, cost-efficient way, delivering superior visual quality. Matterport's camera, software and cloud services work to capture and automatically weave together thousands of digital 3D images into an accurate, immersive photo-realistic model – taking into account spatial relationships between objects and features, and providing accurate measurement data to the user. The Matterport system is geared toward professionals seeking to document, promote, or visualize spaces using realistic 3D imaging in industries such as construction management, insurance claims adjustment, building inspection, forensics animation, commercial and residential real estate, hospitality, entertainment venues, architecture, and retail space planning. See Matterport at http://matterport.com, and visit us in booth #527. ¨Contact: [email protected]

Merrick & Company (Booth 220)¨Merrick & Company is excited to announce the new Geoverse Version 1.2 release from Euclideon! As we continue to listen to the market's data visualization needs, many new features and enhancements have been added to support our growing client base. The following list represents a few improvements added to the newest version: Enabled use of multiple data set rendering; Position multiple datasets in the same scene; Move, scale, and rotate datasets relative to map projection systems; Annotate and measure between multiple datasets; Combine locally stored and cloud streamed data in the same scene; Export merged LAS data from any number of datasets. Please visit us at SPAR (booth #220) to learn how you can manage, visualize, and present your point cloud data assets in Unlimited Detail featuring real-time rendering performance.  For more Geoverse videos, visit our YouTube channel:  http://goo.gl/wH2Oqp. To request evaluation software, please contact Josh Beck.  www.merrick.com¨Contact: Josh Beck, [email protected]

Optech (Booth 210)¨Optech, the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of high-accuracy lidar 3D survey systems and productivity-enhancing workflow software, is pleased to announce that it will exhibit the new compact, easy to install Optech Lynx MG1 Mobile Mapperâ„¢ sensor configuration, plus offer helpful workshops and case studies using the Optech Lidar Mapping Suite (LMS). At his workshop on April 16th (11:45am-12:15pm Technical Session), Product Application Specialist David Janssen will teach attendees how to optimize their survey efficiency using a combination of best practices, post-processing techniques, and the latest Optech LMS workflow. For specific case studies showing LMS results, it is highly recommended that you attend David's presentation on April 17th (9:00am-10:30am 3D Data Management Session), where he will describe how he used the capabilities of Optech LMS to automate the merging of separate collects in Vernon, BC, a task that would have normally taken hours of manual work.  www.optech.com¨Contact: Trevor Pitts, [email protected]

Pointfuse (Booth 225)¨Following the successful launch of our PointfuseTM Cloud Service at InterGeo13, Arithmetica is pleased to announce the release of the free standalone PointfuseTM Vector Viewer. Primarily designed to view Vector Models, the PointfuseTM Vector Viewer also builds Vector Models from displayed Point Clouds, completely automatically, and astonishingly quickly. Try it soon because its revolutionary build functionality is only enabled for a limited time. The PointfuseTM Vector Viewer can import Point Clouds in .LAS, .PTS, .PTX, .XYZ and .CSV formats. It imports Vector Models in Pointfuse's proprietary Pointfuse File Format (PFF). Files in this format can be obtained by using the PointfuseTM Cloud Service. The PointfuseTM Vector Viewer, together with example PFF files, is available for download at www.pointfuse.com.¨Contact:  Mark Senior, [email protected]

Point Grey Research, Inc. (Booth 626)¨At SPAR International, Point Grey will have live demonstrations of the world's first machine vision camera with Sony global shutter CMOS technology and the Ladybug5 “ 360 Spherical Imaging System. First to feature Sony global shutter CMOS technology, the latest Grasshopper3 model uses the 2.3 MP IMX174 sensor, Sony’s ground-breaking new global shutter CMOS sensor for machine vision. The fast and extremely sensitive IMX174 is a 1/1.2″ Exmor® CMOS that offers an image resolution of 1920 x 1200 and frame rates up to 162 FPS. The Ladybug5 spherical imaging camera streaming 30 MP, 12-bit panoramic video in real-time using 6 x 5 MP Sony CCD sensors. Precision factory calibration, 100% user controlled image processing, a 5Gbit/s USB 3.0 interface; and a ground-breaking post-processing workflow for superb image quality and high dynamic range, make the Ladybug5 ideal for GIS applications. To see our latest offerings, visit us in booth 626. www.ptgrey.com¨Contact: Jeff Lui, [email protected]

Samin Information System Co., LTD (Booth 616)¨Samin Information System Co., Ltd.  has professionals with top skills in software development and several years of experience in dimensional accuracy control for offshore, oil & gas plant construction applications. Our system previously supported total station based quality control systems, and recently has released a laser scanner-based dimensional accuracy control system “EcoInspection. This is a dedicated system with point cloud-based accuracy control for offshore, oil & gas plant construction applications. It analyzes the accuracy compared with design criteria using 3D design, point cloud, and total station measurement data. It is also able to run virtual simulation between 2 structures which will join together using point cloud data before the erection. The system is light and quick in handling large volumes of point cloud data to analyze dimensional accuracy. Samin Information System Co., Ltd. Vice President, Siro Kim and Sales Director, Jisuk Kim will present on Dimensional Accuracy Control using laser scanner in Korean Offshore/Plant/Ship Construction yards on Wednesday April 16th. (Efficiencies for Field to Office 11:00am-12:30pm). For more information, visit http://www.saminis.com¨Contact :  Jisuk, Kim,  [email protected]

Sanborn (Booth 611)¨Sanborn will display its latest autonomous mapping technologies at SPAR International 2014 at booth 611. Move over R2-D2! Designed exclusively for indoor mapping applications, the robotic Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN) is a compact, easy-to-use, self-navigating system that generates highly accurate, preregistered 2-D and 3-D spatial data in near real time. SPIN delivers better than 3cm accuracy with a resolution as fine as 1cm as it records more than 200,000 measurements per second. Additionally, Sanborn will display its Avenger vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system (UAS), capable of fully autonomous missions with a host of sensors, ranging from full-motion video to hyperspectral imaging. Sanborn will display the technologies next week, April 15-17, at the annual SPAR International 3D Measurement & Imaging Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel & Resort, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Visit booth 611 to learn more. www.sanborn.com¨Contact: Jason Caldwell, [email protected]

SmartGeoMetrics, (Booth 224)¨SmartGeoMetrics introduced two new imaging systems to their already large stable of supported products. The Mantis Vision F5 Series and the Creaform ExaScan are both available at SmartGeoMetrics' booth along with many other solutions from Leica, p3dSystems, Profox, Viametris, Z+F, and more. These new tools allow SmartGeoMetrics to offer the right tool for each application from GIS grade mobile mapping to sub-millimeter reverse engineering and everything in between. SmartGeoMetrics will also be performing demonstrations of various systems throughout the SPAR Conference during the Crime Scene, Indoor Mobile, and Scenario Combining challenges. Lastly, SmartGeoMetrics presented their new ATProfiler. The ATProfiler provides fast data capture in exceptionally rugged environments. Check this system out in the exhibit hall for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab! www.smartgeometrics.com/¨Contact: Sam Billingsley, [email protected]

UTEC Survey, Inc. (Booth 324)¨UTEC Survey, Inc will be exhibiting at SPAR International 2014 at booth 324. UTEC Survey is one of the world's largest independent offshore survey companies and provides a wide range of survey services including dimensional control, laser scanning and modeling, offshore positioning, construction support, AUV, metrology, geophysical and geotechnical surveys.  Its acquisition of StarNet, based in Livingston, Scotland has transformed its dimensional control, laser scanning, modeling service line, including the innovative web based ˜i-SiteTM' portal offering differing levels of data interaction via View, Touch & Engage options.   UTEC Survey is now established across the world's frontier and mature hydrocarbon regions, providing clients with a seamless and consistent high standard of service globally. UTEC operates from strategic locations across the globe including Aberdeen, Naples, Houston, Perth, Singapore, St. John's, Dubai and its most recent addition, Jakarta. For further information, visit www.UTECsurvey.com. We will have brochure kits at our booth (Booth  #324).¨Contact: Dianne Ramirez, [email protected]

Virtual Geomatics (Booth 214)¨Virtual Geomatics is delighted to feature its Virtual Navigatorâ„¢ software suite at the SPAR International Conference.  Consisting of 3 individual desktop and web enabled solutions “ the Virtual Navigatorâ„¢ Server, Virtual Navigatorâ„¢ Pro and the Virtual Navigatorâ„¢ , these products are designed for streaming point cloud data and images in a dynamic 360degree multi-user environment. The synchronized overlay of point cloud and image makes Virtual Navigatorâ„¢ a must have for Visualization and Measurements of Mobile LiDAR data. Designed for all scales of Mobile LiDAR, Virtual Navigatorâ„¢ is ideal for access of city, county and state-wide LiDAR data hosted in a Data Server or Cloud Server, via the web. Visit our Booth at SPAR International 2014 in Colorado Springs (April 14-17) or contact us for more information and to schedule a live web demonstration. www.virtualgeomatics.com¨Contact:  John Clark, [email protected]

VirtualGrid (Booth 624)¨VirtualGrid, the developer of VRMesh which is an advanced software tool for point cloud and mesh processing, will be exhibiting at SPAR International 2014 in Booth 624. VirtualGrid will showcase new features in the latest version of VRMesh, including railway/curb extraction, powerline extraction, pole extraction, and individual tree identification from airborne or mobile LiDAR data. VirtualGrid will also showcase its powerful point cloud triangulation capabilities that allow users to generate a surface mesh with high accuracy. We invite you to bring your data and stop by our booth for a live demonstration.  To learn more about the functionalities of VRMesh, please visit our website www.vrmesh.com. ¨Contact: Chao Han, [email protected]

About SPAR International/SPAR Point Group¨SPAR Point Group organizes conferences and provides news and information for professionals involved ¨in 3D imaging technologies. Content“ delivered in-person and online“ gives practitioners tools and information to make better business decisions. SPAR International is one of SPAR Point Group's annual events serving the 3D marketplace. SPAR Point Group is wholly-owned by Diversified Communications. For more information, visit www.SPARPointGroup.com .

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