Xylariam and Cardinal Geospatial: Cutting edge Software Development meets Geospatial data expertise in new partnership

by | Jun 17, 2021

Xylariam, a Seattle based software services startup, has added Cardinal Geospatial to their robust network of partners in a new agreement announced today.

This partnership provides Xylariam with the ability to leverage Cardinal Geospatial's extensive experience to help our customers visualize and streamline their data, Jenifer Rees, Co-Founder of Xylariam said.

Cardinal Geospatial provides clients the ability to analyze past events, streamline current operations, and guide decision-making about the future. They provide custom solutions for a variety of spatially-enabled industries including Unmanned Aerial Systems, utilities, and the natural resources sector. The combination of Cardinal Geospatial's cutting edge tech with Xylariam's expertise in software development is an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of analyzing, displaying, and reporting on data.

Xylariam boasts robust development teams, a combination of onshore and offshore individuals, who have worked together for decades. After executing on different technologies in multiple industries, the collaboration has established a sound methodology for success.

We are very excited for Cardinal Geospatial to enter a partnership with Xylariam as we feel our strengths and talents are very complementary and our combined forces will be able to offer more advanced services to our clients than ever before, Aidan Thurling, Co-Founder of Cardinal Geospatial said.

The partnership will extend into other ventures beyond software services and will include co-marketing, technical R&D initiatives, and product development.

Created to fill a gap in how software projects are sourced and executed, Xylariam's model leverages long-standing relationships with an international network of partners to deliver quality software solutions. Xylariam's goal is to take the risk out of software development and help enterprising companies get ideas started and prototypes into production.

Cardinal Geospatial is a team of geospatial professionals located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. With backgrounds in UAV remote sensing, defense, environmental science, and more,the Cardinal team is well-equipped to craft solutions for your business.


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