Xplore multi-sensor satellite to offer space data products under NOAA imagery license

by | Feb 2, 2023

Xplore Inc., a space company providing space data products, data fusion and on-board computing from its multi-sensor XCRAFT™ today announced it has been granted a remote sensing license from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the company’s first mission to low Earth orbit (LEO) scheduled for launch later this year.

Lisa Rich, Xplore Founder and Chief Operating Officer said, “We’re pleased to announce our NOAA license has been granted — it allows us to bring to market powerful multi-sensor capabilities that will let customers observe and understand our planet, the surrounding space environment and the universe in new and comprehensive ways.”

Xplore will offer hyperspectral imaging data, high-resolution video, and unique ultraviolet data products for Earth observation, space domain awareness and astronomy applications. Advanced data products will be offered by fusing data generated by our diverse sets of imagers.

Xplore’s hyperspectral imagery will be offered at 2-meter and 5-meter resolution over dozens of contiguous bands, which is higher resolution than any available commercial offering. Xplore has solid demand from customers to deliver the highest resolution hyperspectral products for their applications.

The mission is the first launch that will build to a constellation of 12 satellites using Xplore’s XCRAFT platform carrying an industry-leading eight primary instruments. The spacecraft is optimized to observe the Earth, collect space domain awareness data and provide a scientific tool for astronomical discovery. The XCRAFT platform was designed, developed, and fabricated in-house by Xplore’s experienced engineering team, and is controlled using Xplore’s Major Tom cloud-based operations platform.

Lisa Rich said, “Xplore has appreciated efficiency, expediency and responsiveness during NOAA’s licensing process. We believe the XCRAFT and the constellation to follow will provide a level of versatility and flexibility unmatched in the commercial market today. We expect the XCRAFT to deliver the highest possible utility, so it is always gathering high-value, affordable data for our customers.”

About Xplore
Xplore provides unique data products to our customers with insights, intelligence, inspiration, discovery from their satellite constellation. The XCRAFT satellites carry remote sensing instruments including optical, video, and hyperspectral sensors to produce valuable data and insights for our customers. Additionally, its edge computing capability enables the creation of data fusion products and insights to be extracted on-orbit, reducing latency and data transmission costs. Visit: https://www.xplore.com


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