Vertical Technologies and Agrowing sign partnership for high resolution multispectral mapping on the DeltaQuad VTOL UAV

by | Sep 9, 2021

The integrated solution of Agrowing's 10 band high-resolution sensor with Vertical Technologies' DeltaQuad VTOL UAV lifts the standard for commercial multispectral mapping up from the current level of 2 – 3.5MP to a stunning 12MP, vastly improving data analysis options as well as the efficiency of multispectral mapping operations. The solution is also equipped with an easy swappable lens for high performance 61MP RGB mapping.

The DeltaQuad Pro long-range VTOL UAV combined with the Agrowing A7RivQuad covers up to 900 hectares (2200 acres) with a multispectral resolution of 5 CM per pixel, or 220 hectares (540 acres) with a multispectral resolution of 1.2 CM per pixel. The 61MP RGB sensor covers up to 1200 hectares (3000 acres) at 3CM per pixel in a single flight.

Most important features of this new standard in multispectral mapping:

  • 4 to 6 times higher resolution compared to alternative multispectral sensors
  • 6 to 8 times more area coverage compared to common multispectral UAV solutions
  • Live video stream of mapping footage for real-time quality assurance.
  • Sub CM level position accuracy through PPK georeferencing
  • Enable deep AI-analysis by acquiring 0.5mm per pixel multispectral close-ups.
  • Easily swap lenses to perform 61-megapixel RGB mapping on the same camera and UAV.


Agrowing's A7RivQuad sensor is based on a modified Sony A7Riv full-spectrum camera body, equipped with Agrowing 10 narrow spectral band multispectral lens. The sensor won the Innovative Product Press Award at the Commercial UAV Americas in November 2019.

The AI-enabling sensor provides the best of its class NDVI imagery. It acquires 10 narrow 24nm to 30nm wide bands of 12MP per band! Based on a single mount, single sensor, a mechanical shutter, and Sony's BSI CMOS sensor of extreme dynamic range, Agrowing's patented multispectral sensor overcomes multispectral acquisition typical issues of synchronization and chroma aberration. It also allows acquiring multispectral imagery manually from as close as 3m distance with resolution of sub 0.5mm per pixel.

The DeltaQuad Pro #MAP is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fixed wing UAV that can perform fully autonomous mapping missions. It can travel up to 100KM in a single flight and provides up to 50KM control range, or unlimited when using the 4G mobile network. The advanced mission planning software is capable of automatically generating area surveys or corridor scans with automatic terrain following. The platform is extremely easy to deploy and control and offers a live video stream of the mapping sensor for real-time quality assurance.

Combining the industry leading features of these 2 products provides an unparalleled solution for smart farming and crop management at a large scale.

Growers no longer suffice with vague survey results, telling them which area of the field is stressed or outlying. They do not want to have to go into the field and check what is the nature or reason for the stress. In many cases, like when the cotton/corn is high or the pineapples are mature, it is difficult to go into the field. Growers need actionable data as soon as possible, to minimize damages and prevent diseases' spreading. They need definite detection and identification of the findings. Stress is a symptom, Alternaria (for example) is a result. By combining our sensor with the DeltaQuad platform we can now offer this data at a large scale – Ira Dvir, CEO of Agrowing.

We are constantly moving the boundaries of UAV solutions by integrating the latest innovations. The Agrowing multispectral sensor will radically change the usefulness of UAVs for precision farming. We have seen the market for multispectral solutions grow steadily in the last few years, but it's true potential has not yet been revealed. The combined solution will start to unlock this potential by providing truly high resolution multispectral data at a very large scale. – Douwe Zeeman, CEO of Vertical Technologies

The combined solution is now available on the DeltaQuad website including:


  • DeltaQuad Pro #MAP platform
  • Agrowing A7R4 multispectral camera
  • 12MP QUAD lens for 10 band multispectral mapping
  • 61MP Zeiss lens for RGB mapping
  • Sub 1CM PPK georeferencing kit including base station
  • Controller for mission planning, live video and manual override
  • Post processing software for multispectral processing, georeferencing and stitching


For more information on the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP visit
For more information on the Agrowing sensors visit


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