US Geological Survey Selects NV5 for $6 Million in Geospatial Services

by | Dec 7, 2021

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.- NV5 Global, Inc. (the Company or NV5) (Nasdaq: NVEE), a provider of compliance, technology, engineering, and environmental consulting solutions, announced today that the US Geological Survey (USGS) has awarded NV5 approximately $6 million of geospatial task orders under the Geospatial Product and Services Contract (GPSC4) that was announced in September. These awards support three of USGS's primary mapping initiatives: the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP), the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (EarthMRI), and the 3D Hydrography Program (3DHP). Data collected and analyzed across these three initiatives is used to make critical decisions related to the environment, infrastructure, water resources, and natural resources.

The use of geospatial data to support environmental initiatives and infrastructure improvements continues to grow, said Dickerson Wright, PE, Chairman & CEO of NV5. NV5's advanced geospatial data analytics deliver valuable insights to help our clients manage these issues and also provide NV5 with a competitive advantage in the growing geospatial market.

Under these task orders, NV5 will perform the geospatial collection and data processing of over 17,000 square miles of 3DEP lidar data and more than 92,000 line kilometers of airborne magnetic and radiometric geophysical data in support of EarthMRI in Southern California. NV5 will also deliver over 23,000 square miles of elevation-derived hydrographic mapping of five watersheds located in northern Alaska as part of 3DHP.

About NV5
NV5 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVEE) is a provider of compliance, technology, engineering, and environmental consulting solutions for public and private sector clients supporting sustainable infrastructure, utility, and building assets and systems. The Company focuses on multiple verticals: testing, inspection & consulting, infrastructure, utility services, buildings & program management, environmental health sciences, and geospatial technology services to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to complex issues and improve lives in our communities. NV5 operates out of more than 100 offices nationwide and abroad. For additional information, please visit the Company's website at Also visit the Company on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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