UP42 and Geowawesomeness Join Forces to Power New EO Hub

by | Apr 26, 2022

The open, searchable knowledge database aims to help everyone understand the impact of Earth Observation


BERLIN, April 26, 2022
– UP42, a leading geospatial developer platform and marketplace headquartered in Berlin, and Geoawesomeness, a long-established blog about geospatial technologies, are proud to introduce EO Hub “ an open, searchable knowledge database for Earth Observation.

Designed to give policymakers, business leaders, geospatial experts and enthusiasts alike a stronger voice, the EO Hub will be an open resource for everyone to advocate for and raise awareness on the real impact of Earth Observation.

We aim to blend the deep technical knowledge of scientists and engineers with the practical and solution-oriented approach of end-users, said Muthukumar Kumar, Managing Editor at Geoawesomeness. We want to provide our readers with a unique view of the EO industry.

Since its founding in 2019, UP42 has focused on empowering innovative organizations and solution providers to scale faster and more affordably using Earth Observation data and analytics. By democratizing access to geospatial data, the platform has been making a dent in history by making what was previously out of reach for many readily available to everyone.

At the core of both companies' modus operandi, there is the firm conviction that only by sharing information and bringing people together we can drive real change.

Geoawesomeness has been excelling at connecting passionate individuals for the past 11 years, said Barry Nagel, CTO at UP42. That's why we are supporting an initiative that aims at connecting experts, stories and information to shape the future of our planet.

In the coming months, UP42 and Geoawesomeness will join forces and resources to unearth use cases from every corner of the planet and explore how disruptive technologies and key players contribute to solving critical issues such as climate change with unprecedented insights.

The EO Hub has been officially unveiled on April 25, 2022, concurrently with a panel discussion hosted by Geoawesomeness on The future of Earth Observation with speakers from UP42, Airbus, Nasa, Google, Group on Earth Observation (GEO), SpaceTec Partners, TerraWatch Space and other industry leaders.

For more information on the EO Hub, please visit https://geoawesomeness.com/eo-hub/ or contact:

Viviana Laperchia

Senior PR and Communications Manager, UP42

[email protected]


Aleks Buczkowski

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Geoawesomeness

[email protected]

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