Terra Drone Indonesia Obtained Drone Night Flight Permit

by | Jan 29, 2021

Jakarta, January“ After previously obtaining a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) permit from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Terra Drone Indonesia has again obtained another important permit namely the night flight permit. The permit was granted by letter from the Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operations (DAAO) No. Au.406/36/24/DKPPU-2020 dated 23 December 2020, which states that the C-Astral Bramor c4eye can be operated at night in accordance with the provisions in the letter attachment.

The permit relates to the two rules prohibiting drones from being operated at night, namely Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Section 107 Number 29 which prohibits small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) from being operated except between the time from sunrise to sunset, and the Attachment to the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 37 of 2020 Article 3.6 which states that the operation of unmanned aircraft in principle can only be carried out from sunrise to sunset (daylight). Drone flights at night are considered to be very risky, especially if done without sufficient knowledge.

However, the same regulation also provides an opportunity for night flights to be carried out after obtaining approval from the Director General through the implementation of a safety assessment in accordance with the attachment to the regulation article 3.7. This exemption permit also requires Terra Drone Indonesia to always coordinate with the Directorate General on everything because the permit is also a pilot for other operators.

“Terra Drone Indonesia is the first drone operator to obtain this permit, so we think this will open up great opportunities for companies to offer more applicable use of drone technology, especially for security applications such as pipeline patrols, border patrols, and other similar applications,” said Michael, CEO of Terra Drone Indonesia, responding to the permits that have been obtained.

Terra Drone Indonesia hopes that allowing drones to be flown at night will open up opportunities for wider use of drone technology, so that the benefits can be obtained by more parties both in industry and in government. In addition, Terra Drone Indonesia also intends to provide an example to other operators so that they can follow the steps taken to ensure drone operation that prioritizes the safety and security of civil aviation.

Source: Michael Wishnu Wardana (CEO Terra Drone Indonesia)

About Terra Drone Indonesia

PT Terra Drone Indonesia (ex. PT Aero Geosurvey Indonesia) is a company that provides services for the use of drones for aerial survey activities in industrial applications which include aerial mapping & modeling, as well as air inspection & monitoring. In addition, Terra Drone Indonesia also provides training & consulting for companies that already use drones for daily operations. Terra Drone Indonesia is focused on providing solutions in the oil & gas, mining, construction, infrastructure and power sectors.



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