LAS VEGAS -Techniplas, a leading global design and manufacturing provider of technologically advanced products and services, announced today that Apollo Robotics, a leading provider of affordable autonomous drone solutions for land surveys, joined its open innovation program. Apollo Robotics brings to Techniplas its high-speed data acquisition and 3D digitization platform. By combining multi-sensing LiDAR, HD and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, Apollo can quickly digitize and reconstruct any worksite into a highly accurate and instantly actionable 3D model from a single scan.

CES 2019 show attendees are invited to experience how Techniplas and Apollo Robotics are applying autonomous automated multi-sensing technologies at Techniplas booth LVCC, North Hall – 9320.

“We are pleased to welcome Apollo Robotics as a full member of our open innovation program,” said George Votis, Founder and Chairman of Techniplas. “Today’s announcement is another step in our commitment to making the connected world. With a partner like Apollo Robotics on board, we are accessing and learning together how to integrate and scale high-speed multi-sensing data acquisition technologies faster into an ever-expanding portfolio of cognitive and connected products and services.”

“We are thrilled to join the Techniplas open innovation program and learn with and from Techniplas how to scale our proprietary autonomous drone technology and services platform further,” said CEO Rob Cammack. “Together with Techniplas, we are democratizing access and accelerating adoption of autonomous automated professional solutions for the connected world.”

Autonomous surveying can be cost prohibitive, time-consuming, and require scarce expertise that is already in high demand. By harnessing exponential technologies including deep learning, 3D digitization, and state-of-the-art sensors, Apollo is addressing this multi-billion-dollar opportunity by delivering the first ever fully automated solution that eliminates current surveyors' complexity and operating friction, improving their overall competitiveness and bottom-line. Apollo believes that by partnering with Techniplas it can revolutionize how professionals gather, handle, and process 3D data faster. Apollo's industrial-grade platform is fully automated, designed to fly unmanned, and is readily available for use on-site and on-demand, enabling professional surveyors to access premium aerial data in a faster, safer, more efficient, and cost-effective way.

About Techniplas

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About Apollo Robotics

Apollo Robotics is a leading provider of affordable surveying drone solutions. The company's proprietary technology platform enables the digitization of an entire worksite integrating multi-sensing and deep learning technologies that are mission-critical to deliver an industry first affordable and surveyor friendly full-stack process. By combining state-of-the-art LiDAR, HD cameras, and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, Apollo can quickly digitize and reconstruct any worksite into a highly accurate 3D model from a single scan. For more information about Apollo click or visit