TCarta Marine and Proteus Geo Announce Merger to Provide Comprehensive Bathymetry and Marine Mapping Solutions

by | Feb 2, 2017

DENVER, Colorado, USA “ TCarta Marine LLC of Denver, Colo., has merged with Proteus Geo of Oxford, UK, to create a global mapping company that provides bathymetric and marine data sets from the shallow coastal zone out to the continental shelf.

The new company is called TCarta Marine and will maintain offices in Denver and Oxford.

By merging, we believe the merged company provides a wider and more sophisticated range of products than any other supplier worldwide, said TCarta Marine CEO David Critchley. TCarta Marine is now a one-stop shop for bathymetric and marine data.

TCarta Marine will continue offering all existing product lines from the two companies as well as new products and services under development. Primary markets served will be engineering, oil & gas, government and defense with expansion planned into the insurance, 3D modeling and aquaculture industries.

Our goal is to make it easier for the marine community to obtain and use quality mapping data, said TCarta Marine President Kyle Goodrich. To support every phase of offshore projects, we now offer lower resolution bathymetry for regional planning as well as high-resolution, highly accurate seafloor modeling for precise coastal engineering activities. Additionally, we offer a range of global and regional marine basemaps.

In recent years, TCarta Marine and Proteus Geo collaborated on many projects and had numerous clients in common due to the complementary nature of their product lines.

David Critchley established Proteus Geo in the United Kingdom in 2011 to leverage a new technology that derives high-accuracy seafloor survey and seabed classification information from multispectral satellite imagery. Operating at a fraction of the cost of traditional ship- and airborne bathymetric technologies, the Proteus methodology has been deployed extensively in energy exploration, infrastructure engineering and environmental applications in shallow-water coastal zones.

The two-meter satellite-derived bathymetric data can be derived to depths of 35 meters depending on water clarity and every depth has an uncertainty value assigned, said Critchley.

TCarta Marine was started in 2008 by Kyle Goodrich to fill an enormous gap in quality bathymetric data from the littoral zone out to the base of the continental shelf, distance often spanning hundreds of kilometers. The firm developed proprietary techniques for aggregating seafloor depth data from numerous medium- to coarse-resolution sources, including navigation charts, ship tracklines, and boat surveys. TCarta Marine has built an impressive off-the-shelf line of 90- and 30-meter GIS-ready products covering the Earth's most important marine areas.

Our bathymetric products are available via annual subscription for streaming directly into our clients' GIS and mapping applications, said Goodrich. Oil, gas and renewable energy companies have become major users of TCarta Marine products.

As president of the new TCarta Marine, Goodrich will focus on developing additional products and innovative methods for delivering them. The global company seeks to expand its foothold in traditional marine markets and cultivate new applications for seafloor data. Critchley, as CEO of TCarta Marine, will be responsible for business development in new geographic regions of the world.

In the near term, TCarta Marine and Proteus Geo customers can look forward to purchasing the existing 90-, 30- and 2-meter resolution product lines online through a new web portal, now under development. Information can be found and orders placed now through the new unified TCarta Marine website at

Proteus FZC, an affiliated company of Proteus Geo based in the United Arab Emirates, will remain a stand-alone company offering terrestrial geospatial and marine consulting services in the Middle East.


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