Synthetaic Awarded AFWERX Contract to Leverage Synthetic Data and AI-Powered Object Detection

by | May 21, 2021

DELAFIELD, Wis.- Synthetaic, the leading synthetic data company, today announced it has won a contract with AFWERX, a program of the USAF focused on expanding technology, talent, and transition partnerships for rapid and affordable commercial and military capability. Synthetaic's Rapid Automatic Image Categorization technology (RAIC) will enable rapid object labeling, AI modeling, and Earth Observation object detection by analyzing large, multidimensional imagery datasets.

In order to achieve optimal operational value, customers require ways to rapidly find and identify objects, and extract key insights from imagery data with minimal human machine interaction. Synthetaic empowers ad hoc labeling and searching through a new approach of massive data scale processing and AI model building. The technology also allows non-expert labelers to annotate objects of interest, and build and run detection AI models in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Synthetaic is revolutionizing how it can build and train AI models, which in turn unlocks the potential for rapidly and accurately identifying objects, said Synthetaic's strategic advisor, Melanie Corcoran. Previously, we had to label geo-spatial data by hand, which required weeks or months, if not even years, of work. With RAIC, non-expert analysts can now build a robust AI for object detection, search, data labeling, and categorization across massive datasets, and in under an hour. These capabilities are transformative for identifying an object of interest with crucial rapidity, and high reliability and accuracy.

Applications of the technology are already being deployed in conservation security through Synthetaic's ongoing partnership with a large NGO. With AFWERX, Synthetaic will be able to demonstrate how intelligence and defense teams can identify an object of interest with high reliability and accuracy within minutes in a cloud-based SaaS, and show a pathway for how the technology can decrease the cost to develop AI models, query, and aggregate detected object occurrences across a large database of geospatial data.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how Synthetaic's technology operates in real-world, real-time scenarios, said Synthetaic founder and CEO Corey Jaskolski. Synthetic data will not only transform AI capabilities, but make applications more agile and able to perform identification and analysis in real-time, truly maximizing the potential of AI's impact. AFWERX will help us showcase the dual commercial and government potential of Synthetaic in geospatial, data collection, and labeling markets.

Synthetiac has raised $4.5M funding to date. More information on the company can be found at

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