Swift Navigation Opens an Office in Australia

by | May 9, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO and MELBOURNE, Australia – Swift ‹‹Navigation‹, ‹‹a San Francisco-based tech firm building centimeter-accurate GNSS technology and a cloud-based GNSS Corrections Service to power a world of autonomous vehicles, announced that it has opened an office in the Central Business District of Melbourne, Australia. This new location is in close proximity to the University of Melbourne, RMIT University and a growing technology ecosystem.

The company has been growing rapidly, doubling team size in both 2017 and 2018. The new office will house a new team of talented members of the CTO office and engineering development teams. It serves as an ideal sister location to Swift's headquarters in San Francisco, due to its opposite time zone. This allows Swift to maximize ongoing research and development and enables its network operations team to effectively monitor and manage the company's Skylarkâ„¢ GNSS Cloud Corrections Network any time of day or night.

This is an exciting time of growth for Swift Navigation and this new office highlights the success of our ever growing network of both team members and GNSS connectivity, said Timothy Harris, CEO of Swift Navigation. Australia is home to a lot of brilliant GNSS-focused talent and we hope to attract many of them to work in our office in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

We are delighted to welcome San Francisco-based Swift Navigation who have decided to establish their Australian office in Melbourne”the leading tech and innovation hub in Australia”and a global leader in talent and R&D, said Michael Kapel, Commissioner for the Americas, Victorian Government.

The new office is located at 575 Bourke Street, Level 7, Melbourne, VICTORIA 3000 Australia. 


Swift Navigation, Inc. has been redefining GNSS positioning technology since 2012. What began as the industry's first low-cost, high-accuracy, real-time kinematic (RTK) receiver has evolved into an ecosystem of GNSS positioning solutions for autonomous applications. The Starling® Positioning Engine is an integrated software solution for precise positioning while the Skylarkâ„¢Cloud Corrections Service delivers GNSS corrections across the contiguous U.S.”eliminating traditional geographical restrictions. Piksi® Multi and ruggedized Duro® and Duro Inertial RTK receivers deliver centimeter-level accuracy at an affordable price, making them ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Swift Navigation's technology benefits a multitude of industries and applications”including autonomous vehicles, precision agriculture, robotics, rail, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and surveying. Swift Navigation is enabling a future of autonomous vehicles to navigate and understand the world, where autonomous transportation can safely take you home, fields farm themselves and your next application can be a reality. Learn more online at swiftnav.com, follow Swift on Twitter @Swiftnav


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