SuperGIS Server Extends Map Possibilities with Various Resources

by | Jul 21, 2015

July 21, 2015 ” This week, Supergeo releases the latest version of SuperGIS Server with plenty of new functions, including related tables, improved JavaScript print tool, and new JavaScript APIs supporting OGC layers. With these new functions, users are able to publish web maps featuring more information, and integrate rich OGC resources with their maps.

In the real world, people may separately store data with tables that are somehow intertwined with each other. When these data tables are related to each other, users can understand more about the geographic phenomenon. For example, by relating location data of weather stations to the annual temperature values, users will be able to track and visualize environmental change and comprehend more about global warming.

In addition to related tables, the latest SuperGIS Server also supports the integration of OGC layers like WMS, WMTS, and KML. In the era of data sharing, many resources are published online, so augmenting the integration of open resources helps users quickly create meaningful maps. The latest SuperGIS Server enables users to add these OGC layers to their Ultra web maps employing JavaScript APIs to effortlessly create more and more professional maps.

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