Steel City Drones Partners with SmartDrone to Provide Quadcopter UAVs for Surveying and Mapping in Southeastern U.S.

by | Dec 20, 2021

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.- Steel City Drones, a Birmingham, Alabama-based reseller, is partnering with SmartDrone to provide quadcopter UAVs for surveying and mapping in the southeastern United States. The partnership will offer the region’s land surveyors and mapping professionals the latest technology. These drones will be available to Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee for various missions and demonstrations using lidar scanning for surveying and mapping.

Available immediately, Steel City Drones is now offering SmartDrone’s Discovery package. This complete solution integrates hardware, software, and everything surveying and GIS professionals need for collecting topographic data.

“We’re excited to partner with SmartDrone and bring this phenomenal product to the Southeast. We’ve spent the last four years flying drones with lidar. SmartDrone’s on-site processing capabilities are an incredible game-changer for anyone who needs survey-grade topography.” said Tim Hogan, Co-Owner of Steel City Drones, “Having spent time in Tyler, Texas with the SmartDrone team, we are highly impressed with their professionalism. We’re looking forward to working with the SmartDrone team and this outstanding product.”

The Discovery drone is a fully automated aerial collection platform featuring high-resolution digital lidar and automated self-service lidar processing that augments traditional earth measuring.

The Discovery offers customers fast paybacks and significantly increases productivity in the field by as much as ten times. Customers can view results before leaving the job site in real-time with the company’s one-click processing suite. Processing with the company’s software occurs on the end-users’ computer, including the platform.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Steel City Drones to offer the Discovery Drone to a whole new market, which represents a major change from traditional mapping to digital, lower-cost, and more efficient surveying. I have spoken with hundreds of land surveyors, and all agree that drones and accessible aerial lidar are the next big evolution in earth measuring. Our partnership with Steel City Drones allows us to offer uncompromised service to a new region and high-quality data to our customers for fast one-foot contours,” said Rob Cammack, CEO for SmartDrone.

SmartDrone will be providing intensive training at their headquarters in Tyler, Texas, to bring Steel City Drones onboard and prepare them to service and support customers in the Southeastern U.S. To learn more about the accessibility and disruptiveness of Discovery, check out this media kit, and to see it in action, watch this video.

About SmartDrone

SmartDrone is passionate about revolutionizing how we see the world and disrupting the industrial drone industry with accessible aerial solutions. The company manufactures small industrial drones and works with leaders in land surveying, civil engineering, and earthwork who are responsible for data collection and delivery. The SmartDrone solution provides accurate data 10X faster than traditional methods and lets customers keep control of their data. The Discovery drone platform was designed from the ground up to easily augment traditional field crews and import easily to modern CAD workflows. To learn more, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn or YouTube.


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