Statistical Map API of Taiwan Won Asia Geospatial Excellence Award 2016

by | Oct 28, 2016

The long-term GIS project of Taiwan government “Statistical Map API” was selected as Asia Geospatial Excellence Award 2016 and announced on GeoSmart Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With the title of Developing Nationwide Statistical Map API for Effective Governance, the team formed by Department of Statistics, MOI, and Supergeo submitted a nomination to the organizer“ Geospatial Media and Communications earlier this year. After considering the innovative and excellent results of this project, the awards committee decided to award this project and also invited a representative to present at the session of Innovative Governance for Social Changes.

Under Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan, the Department of Statistics plays the leading role in this project, which the initiative is to integrate traditional statistical data with spatial data and provide a general GIS platform for sharing data across different government departments. Authorized by Department of Statistics, Project Team of Supergeo successfully accomplished this project by using SuperGIS Server as the GIS server and developing API with JavaScript, one of the most popular front-end languages.

After the administration approves using API, organizations and individuals can use the API and develop their own customized GIS applications without charge. Statistical Map API provides numerous application and visualization possibilities, including three kinds of statistical charts, four kinds of statistical maps, and three kinds of mixed maps. The data is sourced from the official socio-economic database and offers over fifteen categories, like transportation, construction, education, public health, public safety, environment, etc. In summary, users of Statistical Map API can significantly reduce the time and costs spent on developing a new GIS platform and make smarter decisions from large amounts of fine-grained statistical data. It is a GIS project that can truly benefit every citizen.

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