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June 12, 2013
Spatial Energy and Schlumberger Agreement to Provide Geospatial Information

Boulder, Colo., June 4, 2013—Spatial Energy announced today an agreement with Schlumberger to provide on-demand access to high resolution satellite and aerial imagery, topographic maps and digital elevation models from Spatial Energy within the Petrel E&P software platform for the oil and gas industry.

Effective immediately, all clients of the Schlumberger Petrel* 2012.1+ release can access and use the vast archives of standard and premium geospatial content through Spatial on Demand® web mapping services from Spatial Energy.

The integrated capability enables Petrel 2012.1+ users to access information including global base maps, magnetics, global and regional bathymetry, seeps, reference data and more, import it directly into their Petrel projects, and use this key information to collaborate with peers on projects across the asset lifecycle.

“We are pleased to provide an easy, intuitive way for Petrel* platform clients to enhance contextual insight, from exploration to production, using this premier geospatial data set,” said Trygve Randen, vice president geoscience and drilling software, Schlumberger Information Solutions.  “Starting immediately, Petrel 2012.1+ users now have access to the Spatial on Demand web mapping service as part of the Petrel core license with no new licensing requirements.”

“Integration of surface and sub-surface data has become an integral part of the E&P process. Spatial Energy is delighted that this alliance with Schlumberger empowers a new level of usability, speed and productivity for geoscientists and engineers with direct import of surface information into Petrel 2012.1+.” said Bud Pope, President, Spatial Energy.

Users will be able to access geospatial data covered in their current Spatial on Demand® subscriptions while also being able to discover premium layers of data, which may be available at additional cost, all while staying inside their Petrel application and workflow.

About Spatial Energy

Spatial Energy serves the Oil and Gas industry by providing the right spatial imagery and data content at the right price -- which we host and disseminate throughout the organization. As a result, we enable our customers – 5 of the Top 6 Super Majors and 30 of the Top 50 Oil & Gas Companies in the world - to efficiently and effectively manage their workflows throughout the exploration and production lifecycle.

We have preferred relationships with the leading data providers and we tailor this data for use within geological and geophysical desktop applications, as well as web applications and geoportals. As the world leader for geospatial data management for energy companies, we offer the fastest, most comprehensive delivery of data onto the oil and gas desktop.

By reducing the cost, time, and effort associated with acquiring and analyzing complex geospatial information, Spatial Energy helps energy companies turn imagery from a time-consuming task into a corporate asset.  For more information, visit our website at

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