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March 25, 2015
SpaceCurve Selected by Via Informatics as its Spatial Data Platform

Seattle, WA, March 25, 2015 — SpaceCurve announced today that Via Informatics, the industry leader in crowd-sourced location analytics and developer of LocationGeniusTM, has selected SpaceCurve to be their spatial data platform. SpaceCurve is the first company to build a platform specifically for spatially organizing and enabling the analysis of large-scale spatial data.

“Using the SpaceCurve platform frees us from needing to solve the spatial data management problem and allows us to focus on what we do best, unlocking the value of our rich data sets for our clients,” says Mossab Basir, Co-Founder and CEO of Via Informatics. “By providing the ability to geospatially index streaming data and query millions of records quickly, SpaceCurve provides us a cost-effective way to manage the diverse streams of data used in our analytics processes. We believe this solution is a game-changer for the industry.”

Via Informatics did a detailed analysis of all technical alternatives on the market today and determined that SpaceCurve uniquely satisfies the very challenging requirements inherent with managing large scale, rapidly changing spatial data.

Via Informatics collects, processes and analyzes hundreds of millions of location events daily, from cellular, sensor and social networks. “SpaceCurve gives us the ability to fuse multiple streams of data at specific locations within a city and also enables us run analytics on the data at very specific points of interest,” concludes Basir.

“Via Informatics is setting an entirely new standard for location analytics,” says Dane Coyer, CEO of SpaceCurve. “Spatially fusing real-time data feeds with historical data and providing the market with the most complete and current analysis possible is a significant leap over current market offerings.”

About Via Informatics Via Informatics transforms passive digital signals from cell networks, hotspots and social networks into powerful insights and analytics for data-driven public sector, retail and real-estate organizations. At Via, we believe in the prospect of using data, as a by-product of other services, to help make sense of all of the consuming, walking, running, watching, eating and buying that is going on in the ‘real world’. To learn more about Via Informatics, visit

About SpaceCurve SpaceCurve delivers the first platform purpose-built to spatially organize and analyze machine-generated data sources in real-time at extreme scales. SpaceCurve enables the continuous ingestion and storage of high-velocity data sources while concurrently fusing this data into a single spatiotemporal context that supports real-time parallel queries. The core technology was specifically designed to provide a live, seamless, analyzable model of the real world with unparalleled fidelity. Engineered for the Internet of Everything, SpaceCurve overcomes the scalability limitations of traditional spatial databases and big data platforms to provide unprecedented operational intelligence from diverse data sources at petabyte scales.

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