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November 4, 2016
SmarterBetterCities Announces Corporate Name Change to CloudCities

San Francisco/Zurich – In response to an increased focus on its flagship product the SmarterBetterCities startup will change its name to CloudCities, introduce an updated corporate identity,  launch a redesigned home page (

As of November 3rd, SmarterBetterCities will change its name to CloudCities. In alignment with the adoption of a new name and new corporate identity, the company will introduce a new home page reflecting its growth ambitions and highlighting its industry solutions for online 3D data mashup and visualization.

Since 2014, CloudCities has been the flagship product from SmarterBetterCities. CloudCities is an online and mobile platform for creating, editing, visualizing, and sharing interactive 3D city models. CloudCities simplifies creating sophisticated 3D plans. It provides easy to use tools for integrating 3D data from various sources. CloudCities revolutionizes how urban planners and architects are communicating new development projects. Real estate agents use it to visualize their portfolios and connected property details. In addition, CloudCities provides lightweight tools for facility and campus management.

The new CloudCities website will make it easier for new customers to get started publishing 3D on the web. Industry solution pages with detailed use cases will guide customers to typical applications and workflows. A growing collection of learning videos, FAQs and tutorials provide in-depth knowledge about CloudCities. Frequently updated blog posts give users more insights, e.g., how to efficiently merge geospatial and building data. Frequent webinars will provide solid answers to designers, engineers, and planners.

About CloudCities

CloudCities is the leading online platform for publishing interactive 3D city models. It runs in any web browser and on any mobile device, no plugins needed. CloudCities enables customers from various industries to publish 3D models and link analytic data. Share your CloudCities scenes on social media, or embed the 3D viewport directly into your own website.

The 3D web startup CloudCities is based in California, USA, and Zurich, Switzerland.

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