Septentrio & Xona Work Together on Advanced GNSS Receiver

by | Jun 21, 2023

Septentrio has collaborated with Xona Space Systems on the development of an experimental receiver which is compatible with Xona multi-frequency PULSAR signals.

This multi-frequency receiver is among the first to have the ability to decode all PULSAR signals in parallel with other standard GNSS signals. Consequently, it is applicable for testing the upcoming Xona LEO-PNT constellation in a simulated environment, as actual live signals are not yet available.

The PULSAR system will consist of 260 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites orbiting 25 times closer to the planet than GPS satellites do. Their closer proximity means higher signal power and greater accuracy will be achieved, as well as better multipath mitigation plus enhanced protection against interference and spoofing. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Septentrio to the PULSAR ecosystem,” states Bryan Chan, Xona’s VP of Business Development & Strategy. “Septentrio is well-known as an industry leader in developing high-quality and resilient GNSS products. As Xona PULSAR signals become available, a Septentrio receiver will offer users an opportunity to be the first to experiment with PULSAR and GNSS in many different scenarios.”

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