Salesforce Maps Integrates Smarter AI Dashcams for Field Operations Efficiency and Compliance

by | Jun 17, 2021

Smarter AI, the leader in AI cameras and enablement software, today announced an agreement with Salesforce Maps to integrate Smarter AI Dashcams to increase efficiency and regulatory compliance for enterprise vehicle fleets.

Regulations, including the US SAFE Act 2021 and EU Regulation 2019/2144, and the growth in e-commerce are bringing more technology into commercial vehicle fleets. A recent report by ABI Research stated that AI video telematics, driven by these factors, is projected to grow 29% annually until reaching $8 billion in 2026.

Smarter AI Dashcams enable programmable AI, including distracted driving, forward collision, and lane departure warnings, and are supported by the AI Storeâ„¢, Smarter AI's growing ecosystem of AI models and developers.

Salesforce Maps is a location-based intelligence tool, built for global enterprise-level teams, designed to optimize sales processes and territory management. With Salesforce Maps companies can easily visualize critical data and surface the insights necessary to improve field operations and drive revenue growth.

Smarter AI Dashcams enable precision AI video telematics, including distracted driving, forward collision, and lane departure warnings, said Claude Hochreutiner, Smarter AI Director of Product Management. Our platform can also help commercial vehicle fleets to monitor and improve cabin and driver safety, reduce insurance costs, and help resolve vehicle-involved incidents.

About Smarter AI

AI is transforming CCTV cameras and their use cases. Because each use case requires unique AI models and programming, Smarter AI software-defined cameras:

Program AI like apps on a phone, and are Supported by AI Storeâ„¢, our growing ecosystem of AI models and developers, to Scale AI camera use cases and networks. Smarter AI has been deployed by carriers, device makers, and service providers to millions of endpoints worldwide. More information is available at


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