Safe Software Adds Support for ArcGIS 10.2 and ArcGIS Online

by | Aug 6, 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Aug. 1, 2013”Safe Software, makers of FME® and the leaders in spatial data transformation technology, today announce the release of the FME 2013 Service Pack 3 (SP3) which features compatibility with ArcGIS® 10.2 – the latest version of Esri®'s flagship product – as well as support for several ArcGIS Online services. These developments ensure that FME users can adopt the latest Esri offerings without issues.

The release of SP3 coincides with the availability of ArcGIS 10.2, which Esri is strongly encouraging its users to upgrade to. SP3 allows FME users to make this switch without the worry of losing functionality in either program.

We have a strong partnership with Esri and strive to maintain compatibility with each ArcGIS release so FME users can always upgrade seamlessly, says Dale Lutz, Co-CEO and Vice President of Development at Safe Software.

Safe also continues to make changes aimed at helping ArcGIS Online account holders use its unique services in more ways. In addition to supporting Drive-Time Polygons and Geocoding, SP3 includes functionality that enables ArcGIS Online's GeoEnrichment service – a tool that determines the most likely demographics of individuals within a defined area – to be used in external workflows in order to take advantage of its power in more places.

Esri has worked closely with Safe Software for many years now. Each release of FME offers new opportunities for integration with ArcGIS, says Jack Dangermond, Esri President. This release ensures compatibility with ArcGIS 10.2, but even people who are not ArcGIS for Desktop users can now benefit from ArcGIS platform cloud services. FME 2013 SP3 adds access to ArcGIS Online's drive time polygons, global geocoding and geo-enrichment services, supporting powerful analyses using non-native GIS data. These play particularly well with the ArcGIS Online background map services previously released within FME's visualizers. Congratulations to Safe Software for creating this release so soon after our own.

Safe maintains comprehensive format compatibility and FME remains backwards compatible for users of earlier versions of ArcGIS.

SP3 also includes the usual fixes and upgrades to FME 2013. To download FME 2013 SP3 visit

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