Routing, Delivery, and Transport Industries nationwide take note of extensively updated transportation and logistics geospatial dataset, exclusively provided by DataMap Intelligence.

by | Mar 16, 2022

SARATOGA, Calif. – DataMap Intelligence, a leading provider of location intelligence solutions, facts, and insights, states that its newly designed address point dataset is the basemap for numerous transportation and logistics solutions being used nationwide. Seamlessly integrating DataMap’s exclusive Geospatial Dataset allows transportation systems to standardize and geocode input addresses with greater address level accuracy. 

Address centroids are the most detailed standard available for highly accurate property location and identification to organizations extending throughout a wide range of industries. Organizations that require precise geocoding and highly accurate property identification now have access to detailed information to all of DataMap Intelligence’s address centroids throughout the entire United States including DataMap Intelligence’s exclusive, new residential development address centroids that were previously unavailable.

The precise location and the ability to analyze the characteristics of new residential developments are the key components to the needs of a large variety of industries when making critical business decisions. Integrating DataMap’s newly designed and exclusive geospatial data into daily operations will enable organizations to achieve significantly greater insight into the impact of location-based variables. This is an encyclopedic step forward and it will significantly improve asset management and increase operational efficiencies throughout the United States.

“Our customers require a very high level of quality data and the newly designed exclusive geospatial dataset will now be available to our customer base” said Charlie Schwab of DataMap Intelligence.  “By integrating DataMap’s geospatial data, we are enabling organizations to locate more addresses across the country with the highest levels of precision. The Dataset will unveil considerably greater insights into each specific location.”

DataMap prides itself on providing extremely detailed, updated, and accurate address point data to its clients. DataMap’s nationwide address point dataset is the quintessential basemap mapping tool designed to get customer packages quickly from delivery stations to the customers doorstep with accuracy and speed. When executing an order with a large online retailers, it is highly likely that DataMap’s nationwide address point data is what is being relied upon to get that package to your doorstep.

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