PCI Geomatics Renews Gold-Tier Partnership with Esri

by | May 15, 2013

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, Canada, May 9, 2013”PCI Geomatics, a world-leading developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced today that is has renewed its Gold-Tier Partnership with Esri for 2013, through the Esri Partner Network (EPN). An Esri partner since April 2009, PCI Geomatics provides leading-edge technology that integrates with Esri's ArcGIS solution and allows users to automatically process and analyze satellite imagery from many different sensors.

PCI Geomatics provides excellent tools to correct satellite and aerial imagery that makes it possible for GIS users to analyze and extract accurate information in their daily decision making process, said Alex Miller, President, Esri Canada.

Through our partnership with Esri, we have improved access to high-quality imagery at a global scale, by providing a system for Esri to process over 50 million square kilometers of imagery using our GXL technology deployed to the Amazon Cloud, said Terry Moloney, President and CEO of PCI Geomatics. In addition to providing image-processing software, PCI Geomatics is actively developing a Cloud strategy to leverage the power of Esri's ArcGIS Online platform.

PCI Geomatics software provides powerful and accurate image correction capability that scales from desktop, server, and cloud-based systems to handle projects of any size. PCI's innovative development and powerful systems led them to work with Esri Inc. on an ambitious project to build a 1m resolution basemap for ArcGIS Online. Through the use of a cloud-based Image processing system, over 50 million square kilometers were orthorectified, pansharpened, and mosaicked using massive amounts of parallel processing on Amazon's cloud with PCI's GXL technology.

Once again, Esri Canada is pleased to sponsor PCI Geomatics as an Esri Gold-Tier Partner, added Miller. We continue to work closely with PCI Geomatics to support our Canadian operations, having recently leveraged their technology to fulfill our own project requirements.

PCI and Esri also announced the grant recipients for the Esri and PCI Natural Resource Imagery Grant Program “ 24 organizations have been selected to receive over $100,000 worth of software and imagery to solve key natural resources challenges using the combination of image processing and remote sensing for GIS. The program will play a key role in furthering the understanding of how imagery can be used beyond a reference dataset within the GIS community and beyond. The partnership will also focus on deploying Esri and PCI Geomatics' software, along with imagery data from MDA and RapidEye, via the Esri and PCI Geomatics Grant Program.

For more information about the Esri and PCI Imagery Grant Program, click here: www.esri.com/imagerygrant

About PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics is a world leading developer of software and systems to process aerial and satellite imagery. The company provides integrated Esri imagery workflows, standalone image processing capability, and large volume processing throughput; giving customers the ability to produce high quality ortho-mosaic products and derived information for any project. Find out more at www.pcigeomatics.com

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