Paragon Software Group today announced its proprietary File System Link (FSL, formerly Universal File System Driver (UFSD)) cross-platform technology has been selected by Juniper Systems for use in the company’s ruggedized Mesa Tablet product line. Available now, Juniper has incorporated Paragon’s exFAT FSL driver in the recently launched Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet, which runs on an Android™ operating system.

In addition, the two companies announced that Juniper has secured a Microsoft exFAT patent technology distribution license through Paragon. exFAT, a modern file system from Microsoft, facilitates large files for audiovisual media and enables seamless data portability and an easy interchange between desktop PCs and other electronic devices. Using exFAT technology, consumers can seamlessly and securely transfer multimedia content to entertainment devices, or to external storage for later playback.

Paragon Software is authorized by Microsoft to provide a licensed “one-stop shop” for exFAT technology implementation into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices, such as Juniper’s. The proprietary exFAT technology comes with Paragon’s world-class technical support and customization services to meet specific OEM requirements.

Through the Paragon licensing program, Juniper is able to benefit from the lower exFAT distribution fees that Paragon is able to pass on as a result of its broadened partnership with Microsoft.

“We’re extremely pleased to be a part of Juniper Systems’ Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet, while also bringing them all the benefits of our Microsoft exFAT distribution license program,” said Tom Fedro, President, Paragon Software Group Corp. “As a fully authorized Microsoft partner, when OEM customers, like Juniper, secure their exFAT patent rights and exFAT software drivers through Paragon, they benefit from pricing that is significantly lower than alternatives on the market.”

Juniper Mesa 3: Ruggedized Android Tablet

Now shipping worldwide, Juniper’s Mesa 3 tablet runs on the Android 9.0 operating system and offers the next evolution in handheld computing and data collection for all Android-based application needs. To add to the device’s capabilities, Paragon exFAT file system technology gives the tablet the industry’s highest read/write access speeds for data residing on Android-formatted HDD, SSD or flash drives – all while maintaining the exFAT file system integrity of the removable Secure Digital (SD) card and protecting against data loss.

“The Mesa 3 running Android is not only an outstanding Android tablet, but it is also one of the most rugged Android tablets in the world,” said John McKell, Software Engineering Manager for Juniper Systems, Inc. “So it was an important decision for us to bring Paragon’s proven exFAT drivers into our offering to support the larger SDXC card storage capacity while protecting our customers’ data, and providing interoperability along with much better performance and reliability than open-source options or other alternatives.”

Paragon’s FSL embedded drivers support exFAT under all popular operating systems, including Android, Linux, QNX and others. The drivers can be used by OEMs to support SDXC cards formatted to exFAT for deployment in mobile, storage, network, IoT, digital home, and car infotainment products.

Paragon’s FSL technology provides rapid, transparent, full read/write access to non-native file systems such as exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, APFS under Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, QNX, and other platforms. Paragon FSL provides a valuable enhancement for both consumer and business devices, benefiting external storage support for today’s more demanding end users.

More information on Paragon’s exFAT driver technology can be found here.

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