ORBIT Awarded a Follow-On $4.2 Million Contract to Supply Video Surveillance System to Major European Aircraft Manufacturer

by | Aug 15, 2013

NETANYA, Israel, Aug. 6, 2013”ORBIT Technologies Ltd. (TASE:ORBI), a leading provider of mission-critical connectivity solutions to the satellite communications, earth observation, telemetry and communication management systems markets, announced today that it has received an order for the supply of its IP-based video surveillance system to a major European aircraft manufacturer. The value of the contract is estimated at US $4.2 million.

ORBIT’s video surveillance system is the second ORION-based system supplied by ORBIT to be integrated in this manufacturer’s new line of passenger planes, currently under development. ORBIT has already received a major order from this manufacturer for its ORION based Communication Management System, which will be responsible for internal aircraft communications. Furthermore, the aircraft manufacturer has indicated that upon completion of the plane’s development, it estimates follow-up orders with ORBIT for additional systems for hundreds of new planes that it expects to manufacture.

Both of these systems are based on ORBIT’s new ORION management platform for internal aircraft communications. Currently in the final stages of development, ORION is a highly advanced and flexible platform designed to meet the needs of the civil and military aviation markets.

The video surveillance system captures video footage of areas of interest both onboard and outside the aircraft (e.g., wing tip, engine inlet, cockpit cabin door, cargo bay area, etc.) and routes these video streams to cockpit displays. The system has AFDX (Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet) interfacing capabilities to allow easy integration with aircraft avionics. In addition to increasing the crew’s situation awareness, this system can also interface with the entertainment system to deliver these same video streams to the passengers entertainment displays. The system’s distributed IP architecture allows for easy scalability, facilitating the system’s integration in aircrafts of any size using the same building blocks.

“We are proud that two ORBIT systems from our CMS product line — ORBIT’s Communication Management System as well as its video surveillance system — have been selected by this major European aircraft manufacturer for its high-profile passenger aircraft development project,” said Ofer Greenberger, CEO of ORBIT. “These deals are a strong confirmation of the suitability of our ORION as avionics platform for the civil aviation market, and we look forward to further expanding the scope of cooperation between our companies in the future.”

About ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd.

ORBIT is a global provider of highly engineered mission-critical communications systems and solutions for maritime, aerospace, and earth observation applications in commercial, defense and homeland security markets. Our portfolio includes mobile Satellite Communications systems, Tracking & Telemetry solutions and Communications Management Systems which are deployed on thousands of marine, airborne and ground platforms worldwide. ORBIT’s customers include over 20 Navies, major integrators such as Airbus Military, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Rockwell Collins, communications service providers such as SELEX Communications and Telespazio (Finmeccanica companies), Eutelsat, NewSat, Gilat, Harris Caprock Communications, Milano Teleport and earth observation organizations such as Imagesat and the European Space Agency.

ORBIT is a public company traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The company boasts an international sales and customer support network that includes the United States, Europe, and the Far East in addition to its international technical service centers located around the world.


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