ORBCOMM's FleetEdge Solution Receives 2021 IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award From IoT Evolution World

by | Nov 5, 2021

Recognizes ORBCOMM for its advanced Cloud-based platform supporting further digitization in global heavy equipment management

ROCHELLE PARK, N.J.- ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced that its FleetEdge heavy equipment platform has received a 2021 IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award from IoT Evolution World. Companies selected for this award have proven that their products are enabling advanced IoT deployments by offering edge solutions that bring real-time computing, data availability, analytics, AI and machine learning to edge devices.

FleetEdge is deployed as part of ORBCOMM's flexible and dynamic heavy equipment solution, which includes multi-network connectivity and leading-edge telematics devices, and used by premier OEMs, dealers and fleet owners around the world. The powerful Cloud-based platform provides users with visibility and control of their heavy machinery fleets along with access to critical machine and fleet information, such as engine hours, idle ratio and fuel consumption to ensure assets are working at optimal performance and efficiency. With FleetEdge, fleet managers can track assets in real-time, enhance utilization, pinpoint lost or stolen equipment, see the condition of machines, and improve maintenance practices to reduce unplanned downtime and increase machine life. With support for the AEMP 2.0 telematics standard, managers can seamlessly manage fleets purchased from multiple OEMs through ORBCOMM's comprehensive platform.

It's a great honor for ORBCOMM's FleetEdge platform to win the prestigious IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award, which is a testament to our expertise in data analytics and long-time market leadership in the heavy equipment telematics space, said Craig Malone, ORBCOMM's EVP of Product Development. We are committed to driving more reliability, uptime and fuel efficiency for our customers' high-value machinery through deep data insights and advanced diagnostics from FleetEdge.

The solutions selected for the IoT Evolution Edge Computing Excellence Award reflect innovation driving the fast-growing Internet of Things marketplace. It is my honor to congratulate ORBCOMM for their innovative work and contribution to this rapidly evolving industry, said Ken Briodagh, Editorial Director, IoT Evolution.

For more information about ORBCOMM's heavy equipment telematics solutions, please visit https://www2.orbcomm.com/e/107152/en-industries-heavy-equipment/5vq19y/810952874?h=TF95hN9vJTA7F9Qop4JJUlrdsew-yaHcpjOXCGwRe38.

About ORBCOMM Inc.

ORBCOMM is a global leader and innovator in the industrial Internet of Things, providing solutions that connect businesses to their assets to deliver increased visibility and operational efficiency. The company offers a broad set of asset monitoring and control solutions, including seamless satellite and cellular connectivity, unique hardware and powerful applications, all backed by end-to-end customer support, from installation to deployment to customer care. ORBCOMM has a diverse customer base including premier OEMs, solutions customers and channel partners spanning transportation, supply chain, warehousing and inventory, heavy equipment, maritime, natural resources, and government. For more information, visit www.orbcomm.com. You can also connect with ORBCOMM at https://www2.orbcomm.com/e/107152/2021-11-03/5vq199/810952874?h=TF95hN9vJTA7F9Qop4JJUlrdsew-yaHcpjOXCGwRe38, on Twitter at @ORBCOMM_Inc, at https://www2.orbcomm.com/e/107152/company-orbcomm/5vq19c/810952874?h=TF95hN9vJTA7F9Qop4JJUlrdsew-yaHcpjOXCGwRe38 or at https://www2.orbcomm.com/e/107152/c-ORBCOMM-Inc/5vq1b9/810952874?h=TF95hN9vJTA7F9Qop4JJUlrdsew-yaHcpjOXCGwRe38.


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