Optelos and Flyguys Partner to Enhance Nationwide Turnkey Drone Data Collection and Visual Asset Inspection Capability

by | Jan 31, 2022

Optelos and FlyGuys have announced a partnership that will bring together FlyGuy's nationwide drone data collection network and Optelos visual data management, 2D/3D modeling and inspection analytics capabilities in order to build a turnkey data collection and analysis solution for customers across multiple industries. The partnership will see FlyGuys make use of the Optelos platform to securely deliver drone captured data, 2D maps and 3D models, custom reports and actionable insights to customers. Additionally, Optelos will leverage FlyGuy's substantial network of expert pilots to grant data collection services to its customers in Telecom, Energy, Power Utility, and Industrial Manufacturing.

FlyGuys gathers an expansive array of data through several sensors such as RGB, Infrared, LiDAR and Multispectral. Its geospatial experts and extensive network of drone pilots enable FlyGuys to deploy when and where needs arise in order to provide the data collection resources necessary. Optelos will make use of this network and data collection experience to offer turnkey data collection and inspection analysis capabilities to its customers, wherever needed.

Working with FlyGuys has allowed us to expand our footprint of turnkey data collection and asset analysis services to our customers, said Optelos CRO Ed Sztuka. Regardless of the data collection method required, FlyGuys is able to deliver.

Upon completion of a flight mission, the gathered data is able to be seamlessly uploaded into the Optelos platform, where it is organized to meet the specific customer's needs.  The Optelos platform is capable of creating 2D maps, 3D models and digital twins and visualizing all data types, including Thermal and LiDAR, as well as geolocating all data sources.  These data sources can then be analyzed with reports, and made immediately and securely available to the customer via the Optelos portal.

We have found the Optelos platform to be a great benefit to FlyGuys. The ability to elegantly organize and securely deliver all collected data to our customers has been a real breakthrough, and we look forward to offering additional Optelos capabilities to our customers as well, said FlyGuys CEO Adam Zayor. Optelos has one of the best operations teams in the industry; they continue to show their professionalism and work ethic on a regular basis. The attention to detail and their planning, scheduling, and training abilities is second to none.

The partnership, which Optelos and FlyGuys will continue to build upon, will see both companies expand on their service offering.


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