New Light Technologies, Dewberry, and National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation Team win FEMA contract to provide Disaster Modeling, Analytics, Systems Development, and Training Services

by | Nov 4, 2020

WASHINGTON – New Light Technologies Inc. (NLT), a leading provider of integrated cloud, cybersecurity, software development, data analytics, geospatial, and scientific consulting services was awarded a new contract by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide modeling, analytics, systems development, and training services for the Response Geospatial Office (RGO). The RGO provides the agency and homeland security community, hazard analytics and operational analysis through the development and use of a growing portfolio of tools and geospatial and remotely sensed information.

NLT, who brings many years of experience serving FEMA’s Office of Response and Recovery (ORR), National Preparedness Division (NPD), and Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and who has developed award winning real-time disaster analytics platforms for predicting hazard risk, guiding response operations, and assessing damage, will lead the delivery of contracted services for the RGO. NLT will focus their work on further integrating these geospatial systems to support the agency’s implementation of a more unified and full lifecycle data analytics architecture.

To provide depth of expertise, expanded training and outreach capability, and additional staffing surge capacity during disasters, NLT has partnered with two of the most well-known names in emergency management: Dewberry and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation.

Dewberry is a privately held professional services firm with a proven history of providing professional services to a wide variety of public- and private-sector clients. Recognized for combining unsurpassed commitment to client service with deep subject matter expertise, Dewberry is dedicated to solving clients’ most complex challenges and transforming their communities. Established in 1956, Dewberry is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, with more than 50 locations and 2,000+ professionals nationwide. To learn more, visit Media Contacts:[email protected].

NAPSG Foundation, a non-profit organization that equips public safety professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to apply geospatial technology and information to enhance preparedness and build a more resilient nation, will provide training to FEMA’s workforce and outreach to its federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial partners. For more information on NAPSG Foundation visit

Together, the NLT-Dewberry-NAPSG team provide FEMA unparalleled breadth of expertise to efficiently manage the collection, integration, analysis, modeling, organization and dissemination of geospatially-based information products and services required for the agency to effectively prepare for, respond to, protest against, and recover from all hazards.

“Partnering with Dewberry and NAPSG extend our ability to seamlessly synthesize environmental and critical infrastructure data, generate highly accurate analytics for large-scale disasters, and quickly deliver this information to the public and decision-makers across all echelons of government,” says NLT’s Program Manager Rob Pitts.

About New Light Technologies

NLT, based in Washington DC, is a leading provider of integrated cloud, cybersecurity, software development, data analytics, geospatial, and scientific consulting services. NLT offers distinctive capabilities in the delivery of cloud-native platforms that enable the collection, integration, modelling, privacy protection, quality assurance, and public release of federal data products and web-based decision support tools and is a recognized leader in integrating these capabilities in support of FEMA and homeland security missions. NLT’s array of technology partners including Microsoft, AWS, Dell, Redhat, Esri, Fugue, Planet and others enable the firm to incorporate best in class technologies, data and methodologies into its solutions for customers. For more information about NLT visit


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