MULTIROTOR Service-Drone Disapproves Misuse of a Drone and the Threat to the Air Traffic in Paris on 19th February 2016

by | Mar 9, 2016

MULTIROTOR distances itself as the B2B world market leader for professional micro drones in industry, documentation and surveying from the threat to the air traffic caused by the misuse of a drone in Paris. As reported, a pilot of an Airbus A320 had to avoid an obstructing drone during the landing approach at the airport Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle to avoid a collision.
The company MULTIROTOR condemns the irresponsible behaviour of the drone˜s pilots. Safety and complying to the regulations are a top priority for the Berlin company when operating drones, which are delivered to business customers only. For this reason, customers are instructed and educated to ensure a correct and professional operation of the drones within the laws. Drones are only sold to experienced and trustworthy customers.

Besides a permission to sent drones into the air, which has to be provided, commercial drone pilots, in contrast to private pilots, have to meet certain criteria, such as proof of proficiency, to control such aircrafts. Hence, the company MULTIROTOR asks the legislator to create a sensitivity of drone pilots when it comes to operating toy drones, regarding the risks and dangers of their behaviour. Existing laws have to be asserted and such irresponsible violations have to be punished consistently. In Paris, however, a catastrophe could only be avoided thanks to the professional intervention of the pilot of the Airbus.

By selling more than 700 systems right away, the company, founded in March 2011 by Volker Rosenblatt and Dipl.Ing. Oliver Knittel, has become the market leader in the branch of professional multi-rotor drones for industrial and instituitional purposes.
In the autumn of 2014, the company won the ARTIE innovation award for the MULTIROTOR G4 flight control and reached the top of innovative industrial applications with the newly developed surveying drone MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying – Robot.

The OEM partnership with the US company Trimble, world market leader in geodesy, exists since the summer of 2015.
MULTIROTOR supplies Trimble with the surveying drone Trimble ZX5 and is thus the biggest manufacturer of surveying
drones. In the fiscal year 2014, MULTIROTOR managed to double the sales compared to the previous year as well as to
reach a six-digit record profit before tax as one of the few worldwide manufacturers of drones.


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