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by | Feb 12, 2016

GOLDSBORO, N.C.  ” Geographic Technologies Group (GTG)  is currently assisting the Columbus Consolidated Government, Georgia and the City of Bozeman, Montana with the migration of their existing cadastral data into the Esri Parcel Fabric.  Beyond the standard GIS data model, Esri has developed the Parcel Fabric which is a data model specifically designed for the management of parcel data and other associated Land Records.  The Parcel Fabric is optimized for the maintenance of parcel data, storing a continuous surface of connected parcels and ensuring that the relationships between polygons, lines and points are maintained.

In addition, use of the Parcel Fabric improves parcel workflows, can improve spatial accuracy, stores historical parcels, provides standardization, and is integrated with Esri’s popular Local Government Information Model (LGIM).  Using this interconnected Parcel Fabric data model, the organizations will be able to effectively store and manage all of their Land Records data.

The GTG Parcel Fabric Team recently completed a project for Dorchester County, South Carolina which included a comprehensive Parcel Fabric migration plan for the County.  The plan provided step-by-step procedures for developing the Parcel Fabric and for migrating the County’s existing land records data.  Dorchester County will use this migration plan to allow their own mapping staff to perform the actual data migration into the Parcel Fabric.

Migrating to the Parcel Fabric can require a significant amount of data scrubbing and cleanup of source data to ensure that specific topological rules are adhered to and maintained.  This includes a number of processes to ensure that the integrity of the land records data is maintained and in many cases improved.  The end result is a high quality Parcel Fabric database that will serve as the cornerstone of the organization’s enterprise GIS.

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