MissionGO and Linebird Team Up for Advanced Electrical Utility UAS Offerings

by | Jun 2, 2023

BALTIMORE – Innovation meets innovation. MissionGO, Inc. and Linebird are teaming up to provide advanced services and training for UAS operations and enhanced special inspections of electrical utility infrastructure. MissionGO is a leading drone solutions expert providing infrastructure inspection for utilities. Linebird is a UAV payload equipment manufacturer specializing in combining existing overhead powerline tools with their non-conductive adaptation kits for use with common UAV platforms. With this new pairing, MissionGO will be one of the first to offer certified Linebird-equipped drone services for the electrical utility industry.

“Becoming a certified Linebird service provider makes perfect sense,” says Chris Corgnati, President and CEO of MissionGO. “Our organizations both prioritize quality, efficiency, and safety in the infrastructure industry. We’re excited to bring this new and innovative solution to our customers in addition to our current aerial inspection offerings.”

“We are thrilled to align strategically with MissionGO as we continue to deploy our non-conductive UAV payload systems into the electrical utility world,” says Lee Corbin, VP of Customer Development at Linebird. “We foresee 2023 as the “Year of the Utility Drone,” as utilities take advantage of new capabilities using UAV equipment to take inspections and maintenance on the grid to a new level. With MissionGO’s expertise and reach, equipped with Linebird payload products, UAV teams will perform a variety of direct-contact work on live power lines – effectively and safely from the ground.”

MissionGO customers have the opportunity to also contract for UAS training and overhead line measurement services such as micro-ohm resistance of conductors, connectors, splices, and switching devices. Additionally, MissionGO will now offer other Linebird-equipped services such as wildlife nest removal, overhead tool transport, and line-cutting. By utilizing these toolsets, MissionGO will now be able to service the transmission and distribution construction industry – exponentially reducing risk and operating costs for our customers. Reach out to MissionGO today to learn more about this opportunity.

About MissionGO

MissionGO is a leading provider of UAS solutions and services. Formed by the professionals responsible for the first successful human organ delivery used in a transplant surgery via UAS and currently servicing one of the largest UAS inspection contracts in the world, MissionGO is trailblazing the UAS industry innovating critical infrastructure inspections, medical and commercial cargo delivery, and UAS training and program stand-up. MissionGO is a portfolio company within JSP Ventures. Learn more at www.missiongo.io.

About Linebird

Linebird is working to transform the way electrical power grid infrastructure is inspected and maintained. By taking advantage of the capabilities of unmanned systems and specialized payload equipment to perform previously resource intensive and high-risk work quickly, remotely, and cost effectively, utilities can keep boots on the ground to minimize hazardous man-hours in the field. Linebird’s patented Osprey Nonconductive Payload System (NPS) brings established lineman tools in direct contact with live power lines to perform work beyond sensor-based inspections at a distance. Learn more at https://linebird.net/.


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