Medea S.p.A., Italy Chooses SuperGIS for Pipeline Service Management

by | Jun 17, 2015

June 17, 2015 ” Supergeo Technologies, the leading GIS software announces that Medea S.p.A., Italy selects SuperGIS Desktop and SuperGIS Server to manage its pipeline management for enhancing citizens' life quality.

Having 30-years experience, Medea S.p.A. aims to provide citizens in Sassari, Italy stable and high-quality gas service. Its network covers the entire city, and Medea S.p.A. is now planning to connect the pipeline between Algeria with Sardinia.

SuperGIS offers customization flexibility and possibility to integrate cross-platform applications. Managers are capable to visualize and analyze gas pipelines information by SuperGIS Desktop, and then publish it via SuperGIS Server, so that citizens and related sectors can gather pipeline distribution underground.

Besides, managers may also select SuperSurv for Android/iOS or SuperPad, the mobile GIS mapping apps, connect the maps published in the cloud, and timely query and update the latest information, to maximize the advantages of GIS application.

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