Mapping Tool Makes it Easy for Water Associations to Visually Show State Legislative Bills in Real Time

by | Mar 3, 2016

Palatine, IL “ Water associations can use a free mapping tool to quickly show legislation at the state level for important water issues in an easy to understand, visually graphic format. Created by LegiNation, Inc., and part of the BillTrack50 suite of products, the legislation mapping tool was designed for members to immediately get an idea on how many laws are considered on any topic related to water and their association in real time.

“Water associations are very important to their communities,” says Karen Suhaka, founder of BillTrack50. “Now, more than ever, they need to be aware of what’s going on, and this software will allow anyone within an association to quickly and accurately find out what’s happening on any water-related topic.”

The BillTrack50 mapping tool to can be accessed through any browser at Officers and members in any water association can simply search by using keywords for topics they are covering, indicating if relevant bills would include “all of” or “any of” the keywords, and then clicking “MAP IT.” A visual map will be generated to show the legislation being considered by state based on the search criteria. The water association can then generate an embeddable URL to post on their own website, or take a snapshot with their computer and provide their members and communities with the visually-rich, interactive map of where legislators are focused. This can be done on an ongoing basis to comparatively examine the changes as they evolve.

For example, the search terms “lead content” will produce a map very different from “desalination.” “For the most part, only states with salt water coastal regions have bills related to desalination,'” Suhaka says. “In contrast, for ‘lead content,’ there is currently active legislation in states like Tennessee and Nebraska as well as coastal states like California and Virginia.”

“The mapping tool is designed for the advocate in all of us,” adds Suhaka. “Being able to access bills that will directly impact our communities is essential to water associations. BillTrack50 allows these organizations to easily accurately access this information.”

The water associations can dive further into the legislation results by taking out a free subscription to BillTrack50 itself, and then upgrade as they see fit. With an upgrade, a map can be created allowing readers to click on a state and see the actual list of relevant bills. “We want to get the word out on this easy-to-use piece of the software right away,” says Tom Hamilton, one of the account managers at Marketing Representatives LLC (MRL) who represents BillTrack50. “This powerful platform is a must for association members who want to gather information about issues relevant to water-related issues.”

LegiNation, Inc. was founded with the goal of making state-level legislation more readily available to the professionals who need it and, even more importantly, to the public at large. Located in Denver, CO, the company’s BillTrack50 software is one of the leading tools available for researching state legislation, federal legislation, and serving legislators. Initial subscriptions are free, with a tiered pricing plan for individuals and organizations that need more powerful capabilities.

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For more information on the mapping tool or to access it directly, go to For more information on BillTrack50 software itself, contact: Emily Welch at 847-358-6884, [email protected].


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