LTI Partners with Eos and Esri to Develop World’s First Laser Offset Solution That Transforms How Field Crews Collect Data

by | Sep 11, 2018

CENTENNIAL, Colo.: Three of North America’s leading technology companies have partnered to create the world’s first laser offset mapping solution, one that improves how field crews can safely and accurately capture data in hard-to-reach assets and in GNSS-impaired environments.

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI), in partnership with Eos Positioning Systems® and Esri®, collaborated on the development and creation of the first laser offset solution in the Collector for ArcGIS workflow. When using an LTI laser rangefinder and an Eos Arrow Seriesâ„¢ GPS/GNSS receiver with Esri Collector for ArcGIS®, a field worker can easily shoot, capture, and share high-accuracy 3D location data that is streamed into ArcGIS Online in real time.

Field crews previously challenged with capturing accurate 3D locations for hard-to-reach assets would rely on a total station with a segmented software workflow, which required a meshing-together of the data together back in the office. Today, the seamless integration of these three technologies creates a total-station-like solution that enables field mapping crews to capture centimeter-accurate 3D locations of remote assets and in GNSS-impaired environments while reducing safety liabilities.

The result is a high-functioning laser offset mapping tool that means field crews do not have to put themselves at serious risk of injury negotiating dangerous roadways, trenches, forests and urban canopies, never have to leave the Collector/AGOL environment and never sacrifice accuracy, creating precision mapping in a safer, more efficient workspace.

“By combining the high-accuracy of the Eos Arrow Seriesâ„¢ GNSS receivers and the laser capabilities of LTI, we can empower field crews to capture highly accurate XYZ coordinates from a safe distance,” said LTI Senior Product Manager Derrick Reish. “This eliminates the need for physically occupying every point. It also provides more accurate location data, with more affordable mobile asset-management workflows.”

The collaboration comes amid increasing demand for flexible, accurate solutions that can perform in the most untenable locations. The first-of-its-kind technology integration, which also provides various offset-mapping methods and gives users the freedom to seamlessly integrate their laser of choice, delivers the professional mapping community an accessible tool it can trust.

“Eos is extremely grateful to be a part of this initial release in high-accuracy asset location data with LTI’s laser rangefinders and Esri’s Collector mobile app,” said Eos CTO Jean-Yves Lauture. “Enabling this kind of accuracy means even the most budget-conscious field crews will be able to access the location of their hard-to-reach assets.”

“Esri is extremely pleased that Collector can now support the capture of high-accuracy asset locations from afar, leveraging our unique partnership with both Eos and LTI,” said Esri Product Manager Jeff Shaner. “This is a game-changer for asset management.”

For LTI, this solution highlights yet another milestone in a decades-long mission to continuously innovate its laser technology to empower field data collection and mapping professionals and improve workplace safety.

“With Eos the world’s leading manufacturer of high-accuracy GNSS receivers, Esri the global market leader in GIS software, and LTI the leading manufacturer of professional-grade laser rangefinders, it was a matter of time before this technology trifecta delivered something truly disruptive,” said Eric Miller, president of LTI. “We’re extremely proud of this partnership and this modern solution for the safest, most accurate asset-management workflows.”

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