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May 5, 2015
IntelinAir Releases New, Breakthrough UAS Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 5, 2015 — IntelinAir announces the launch of its new unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology, powered by its patented robust adaptive flight control technology delivering precision data collection and advanced data-analysis for actionable intelligence.

At the core of this new UAS technology is the company’s flagship SafeSmart™ Robust Adaptive Flight Control, a patented technology exclusively licensed from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. IntelinAir’s SafeSmart™ advanced mathematical algorithms deliver predictable autonomous flight regardless of unforeseen disturbances such as high wind, precipitation and inclement weather. The flight control technology underlying SafeSmart has been rigorously tested in military and commercial applications for over 10 years.  Organizations such as NASA, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy have validated this technology to maintain control even in severe conditions such as stall and post-stall. After millions of dollars of testing and validation, IntelinAir is now applying this technology to mission-critical commercial applications.

IntelinAir announces a comprehensive and turnkey product suite for the academic research community:

  1. SafeSmart RD-100 Hexarotor UAV for flight control and navigation research
  2. SafeSmart RD-200 Hexarotor UAV for aerial remote sensing and data gathering applications
  3. SafeSmart Autopilot AP-100 for smooth and responsive UAV operation and precision navigation
  4. SafeSmart Electronic Speed Controller ESC-100 for energy-efficient and smooth motor response
  5. SafeSmart Ground Control Software intuitive enough so that even novice users can easily fly
  6. IntelinAir MATLAB/SIMULINK Software Development Toolbox for transparent modular software design and development

The product suite will be generally available this summer.  IntelinAir will be showcasing these products and more at the AUVSI 2015 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia from May 4-7.

“IntelinAir’s goal is to bring actionable intelligence from aerial data for quick decision-making in mission-critical commercial applications. Initially we are making our advanced products available to the academic community so that their research can benefit from our precision flight and analysis technology,” said Alfred Eisaian, CEO of IntelinAir, “Beyond academia, we’re developing solutions for precision agriculture, forestry, and insurance.  With our SafeSmart suite of products and technologies, we’re able to deliver the predictable performance necessary for today’s rigorous commercial applications.”

“IntelinAir has delivered a complete solution for the university researcher.  The Software Development Toolbox allows researchers to work in familiar MATLAB/Simulink tools and take advantage of auto-coding to develop and implement new flight and navigation algorithms in a fraction of the time as compared to more traditional approaches. And SafeSmart flight control ensures that no tuning is necessary to use different sensors or cameras,” says Isaac Kaminer, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Naval Postgraduate School, “The IntelinAir offering is great for improving research productivity and innovation.”

IntelinAir anticipates a large attendance to view their UAV products and capabilities at Booth 546 at AUVSI.

About IntelinAir  IntelinAir was created by seasoned flight technology and data analytics professionals from great companies and academic institutions such as Boeing, United Technologies, Western Digital, JPL, Caltech, MIT, Moscow State University, Naval Postgraduate School, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and more.  IntelinAir’s SafeSmart technology delivers precision flight and data analysis capabilities heretofore not available on the commercial market.  IntelinAir delivers actionable intelligence from aerial data for quick decision-making in mission-critical applications.

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