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June 6, 2017
Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS) Announces Licensing availability of the DataConcentrator

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 6, 2017Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS), a pioneer in the general purpose use of metadata as a means to collect, synchronize and merge data with video, today announced licensing availability of The DataConcentrator©, a software package that enables seamless collection of test data from a number of sources such as sensors, data acquisition systems, and data loggers, then populate such data in a SMPTE 291M Type 02 KLV packet structured by the user. Sampling KLV payloads at each video frame time permanently synchronizes data acquisition with video capture. This eliminates the tedious and time consuming post-production process to align data with video, critical when motion behaviors are required for product testing/evaluation. This is also vital when only a portion of that metadata needs to be analyzed at a particular time, for example when testing products that may be impacted by wind, velocity, humidity, temperature, and so on.

The KLV payload is populated by the DataConcentrator which wraps the payload in ITS commands that specify the key and which packet order to insert data in the video. Users can quickly design a KLV payload using a variety of data types to match the needs of a specific unique test or a series of test sequences.

The Data Concentrator runs on a PC using the Windows operating system platform. Most data sources (e.g. data acquisition systems, sensors and data loggers) that can connect to a PC can be a data device used by the DataConcentrator. The data device connection can be via serial, USB, or Ethernet port.

DataConcentrator is offered with a free 30-day trial, and can be purchased separately from other ITS HD-SDI video products.

In conjunction with DataConcentratorr, ITS HD-SDI video inserters and its Video Recording Instrument can embed SMPTE 291M KLV metadata packs in the VANC space. The ITS KLV Software Toolkit is a custom KLV authoring system with which users can develop structures for KLV payloads. The payload structures support up to 64 independent fields of data sampled on each video frame. ITS inserters and recorders can embed up to two of these custom KLV data packets.

ITS also offers design services to prepare a key and device/source set that can insert collected data from data acquisition systems and sensors connected to the host PC.

About ITS
Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS), a pioneer in the general purpose use of metadata as a means to merge data with video, and creates products that enable companies to more easily transition from analog video to HD-SDI. Our products fit any engineering test environment, particularly when enhanced data collection and analysis of things in motion is required for product testing/evaluation. Our products can be used to synchronize time amongst an array of equipment. They can accurately measure when events occur for applications including medical robotics, aerial survey, media playout verification, commercial aerospace, and more. Our customers include a Who’s Who of blue-chip companies from government, military/defense, and aerospace. To learn more about ITS, products and history please visit

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