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October 18, 2016
Indonesian Telco Uses Advanced Analytics Aechnology to Double Subscribers

State-owned telecommunications company Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) has turned to advanced location-based analytics technology as part of its efforts to double the number of their IndiHome subscribers from 2 million to 4 million by 2020.

Their new location-based analytics tool is a military-grade mapping technology – known as the ArcGIS platform - capable of integrating data from multiple business systems, performing advanced analytics, and representing actionable data on a dynamic map.

The solution visualises data - such as customer location and demographics, market trends, and the device location such as their Optical Distribution Points (ODP) - to provide decision-makers with greater clarity on the distribution of their customers and the extent of their network services.

The insights generated through the technology help the company strategically install ODPs in areas where they have a high concentration of subscribers thereby ensuring high quality services in Telkom’s phone, internet, and cable TV offerings.

“Whether it’s responding to a customer query, improving data service coverage or launching new subscription plans and services – location is at the heart of everything the telco industry does, and is crucial in every aspect of decision-making,” Esri Indonesia CEO A. Istamar said.

“Currently, the industry is experiencing an unprecedented increase in data growth, and as organisations employ a number of different tools to drive decision-making, the need to see data on a map is growing. Unfortunately, existing Business Intelligence tools that process and analyse these sort of data are often either hard-coded or difficult to operate, resulting in static maps that do not allow users to drill down their data,” he said.

“With location-based analytics technology, telco companies would have the unique capability to unearth relationships, patterns, and trends that would otherwise remain buried in social media feed, static reports and graphs. This allows them to accurately determine the market potential, and gain an understanding of the risks and opportunities in the horizon.”

Some of the world’s most progressive organisations such as Petronas, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Pertamina EP, Bank of America and many others, are also using the technology to grow their customer base and improve the profitability of their operations.

“With Telkom now equipped with the same technology behind global industry best practices, the implementation team believes that they can leverage this to further bring the company’s operations and business objectives to the next level,” Mr Istamar said.

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