Illinois DOT Deploys CompassCom for Snow Fighting and Emergency Traffic Patrol Assets on the STARCOM 21 Radio Network

by | Sep 15, 2021

DENVER, CO “CompassCom is pleased to announce that the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has deployed CompassTrac® Enterprise software statewide to support snow fighting and enhanced highway safety. The Fleet Management solution is being deployed on the Illinois statewide STARCOM21 P25 radio network. Working with Motorola Solutions, the company who operates STARCOM21, we are providing automatic vehicle location and telemetry information to enable proactive and efficient snow operations.

This includes providing real-time tracking and after-action analytics for over 2,000 snowplows, ETP trucks, paint stripers and mobile pump assets. The enterprise mobile IoT solution is collecting plow status and deicing material usage as well as location of assets to provide command and control for snow fighting and highway safety for the fourth largest highway system in the United States.

CompassCom's ability to provide a statewide system is key to IDOT providing a coordinated effort to keep the State's transportation network moving during the winter season and summer maintenance, said Brant Howard, Founder and CEO of CompassCom. The Illinois STARCOM21 P25 radio network ensures statewide connectivity and Esri ArcGIS mapping utilized by CompassCom empowers IDOT management and supervisors to enhance safety and efficiency for travelers in the State.

CompassCom provides fleet management solutions that integrate GNSS, GIS and wireless networks enabling end users to view real-time locations and status of vehicles, people, and other high-value assets for full situational awareness. CompassTrac displays asset location, speeds, heading, IoT sensors and status integrated with ArcGIS map backgrounds in office or by the mobile worker on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Agencies can configure CompassTrac on-premises or CompassWorks® Cloud based product to leverage Esri ArcGIS to meet the individual user's workflow when they log into the system.

CompassCom will be exhibiting at the APWA Western Snow & Ice Conference in Loveland, CO, September 29-30, 2021. Stop by booth 146 to view demonstrations of CompassTrac V7 and let us show you how you can enhance safety, efficient, accountability, and sustainability for your winter maintenance and public works operations.

About CompassCom

Since 1994 CompassCom has delivered accurate location data you can trust to empower results, leveraging the power of Esri ArcGIS. More than just vehicles on a map, CompassCom delivers real-time data to enhance command and control, based on an ArcGIS common operational picture. Providing our platform internationally to governments, public safety, defense, public works, DOTs, utilities, energy, and other organizations that want an off-the-shelf solution that has the flexibility to be tailored to support their mission. Our users experience measurable ROI for improved safety, efficiency, accountability, and sustainability to enable continuous improvement to support operational excellence.

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