IFAW's tenBoma Project Adopts OpenGeo in Support of Innovative Counter-Poaching Initiative

by | Feb 11, 2016

Washington, DC and Raleigh, NC – February 11, 2016 ” In support of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)/Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) tenBoma project to develop a counter-wildlife crime intelligence fusion center, Agile Analytics Group and Boundless today announced they are working together to help build a geospatial data analysis platform, known as the Boma, to track poaching incidents and analyze where future incidents could happen. Brought together by the American Geographical Society (AGS) and IFAW, Boundless and Agile Analytics are building and placing in-country a data warehouse, visualization, and versioned-editing field collection capability based on the open source GeoSHAPE project.
tenBoma is a model project between IFAW and KWS to develop a counter-wildlife crime Intelligence and Operations fusion capability that will join community anti-poaching efforts with high-tech data analysis and enhanced security operations to stop elephant and rhino poachers before they strike.  tenBoma represents the latest evolution of IFAW's efforts to smash every link in the illegal wildlife trade chain: from supporting poaching patrols in Africa, and working with INTERPOL and national governments on stings, to training customs officers in transit countries including the Middle East and demand reduction campaigns in China.
Agile Analytics Group, with direct support from Boundless, are deploying a GeoNode implementation previously designed for Humanitarian Assistance, named GeoSHAPE, to assist IFAW/KWS in their joint counter-poaching mission. The GeoSHAPE (Geospatial capabilities for Security, Humanitarian Assistance, Partner Engagement) project is designed to enable collaboration on geospatial information between mission partners in connected and disconnected operations.
There is an African proverb that says: if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together, states AGS Councilor Faye Cuevas. Connecting a leading open source geospatial technology company like Boundless with Agile Analytics, a small veteran run business reimagining the concept of ‘tailored data collection and analysis’ is in and of itself exciting for AGS.  Then, to see the companies join forces to provide IFAW with geo-tech and analysis to advance IFAW's innovative tenBoma counter-poaching project in East Africa truly represents the AGS mission in action. It demonstrates the power of putting geography first and proves you go farther through building collaborative partnerships with innovative thinkers, shapers, and doers.

GeoSHAPE is presently being integrated into KWS Intelligence collection and analysis processes throughout the next several weeks as IFAW implements its 2nd Phase of tenBoma in Kenya.

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