ICEYE’s Natural Catastrophe Insights available in Esri GIS technology globally

by | Feb 2, 2023

ICEYE’s near-real time flood data is now accessible via Esri ArcGIS software, a comprehensive system for mapping and location intelligence

HELSINKI – ICEYE, a world-leading provider of natural catastrophe solutions and insights, has expanded its Esri Partner Network relationship with Esri, the market leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology, location intelligence, and mapping, to provide its users across the public and private sectors with direct access to near-immediate natural catastrophe insights at the property level.

Esri’s software is deployed in over 350,000 organisations globally, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofits, and universities. As a Silver Partner in the Esri Partner Network, ICEYE’s natural catastrophe data is now available to all users of its software via ArcGIS, Esri’s GIS technology.

Through their existing Esri environment, Esri customers can access ICEYE’s near real-time, high-resolution data for natural catastrophe events globally. This information includes flood extent and inundation measurements at the individual property level, enabling critical decision-making during natural catastrophes.

ICEYE owns and operates the world’s largest radar imaging satellite constellation, which is utilised to monitor floods around the globe, day and night, and even through cloud cover. In addition to flood data, the company has plans to expand its offering to include data on other natural catastrophe perils in the future.

Insurance companies can combine ICEYE’s unique flood observation data and analysis with their property insurance information to understand the impact of a flood and manage the loss more effectively. Government and emergency response users can also establish much faster situational awareness as an event develops to support more targeted response and recovery efforts. This data can be utilised via a simple API configuration that minimises decision-making delays.

“At Esri, we empower organisations by providing location intelligence to address some of society’s most fundamental challenges,” said Beau Legeer, Director of Imagery & Remote Sensing at Esri. “As a shifting climate exposes more communities to the threat of natural catastrophes, the data ICEYE provides will become increasingly valuable in efforts to monitor, analyse and respond to natural disasters.”

“Our expanded partnership with Esri is a key milestone in the evolution of ICEYE, and it extends the potential created by our unique hazard insights to a much broader base of organisations,” added Paul Barron, Global Head of Partnerships, ICEYE. “By providing faster, straight-through access to our natural catastrophe data to public and private entities globally, we can enable more in-depth analysis and data-led decision-making processes.”

Esri’s ArcGIS technology provides users with tools to support data capture, analysis and sharing. Integrated into enterprise systems and workflows, the technology enables detailed spatial analysis and real-time visualisation to improve response capabilities and operational awareness.

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ICEYE delivers unmatched persistent monitoring capabilities for any location on earth. Owning the world’s largest synthetic-aperture radar constellation, the company enables objective, data-driven decisions for its customers in sectors such as insurance, natural catastrophe response and recovery, security, maritime monitoring and finance. ICEYE’s data can be collected day or night, and even through cloud cover. For more information, please visit


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