Hexagon US Federal Brings Cutting-edge ARTEMIS Solution to Market in Collaboration with senseFly and Tough Stump Technologies

by | Aug 24, 2021

  • The Aerial Reconnaissance Tactical Edge Mapping Imagery System (ARTEMIS) is a turnkey kit designed to rapidly collect and analyze high-resolution imagery, filling critical gaps in situational awareness and intelligence collection
  • ARTEMIS includes the senseFly eBee TAC fixed-wing mapping drone, weighing just 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs), fully configured laptops containing the Google Earth Enterprise Platform (GEEP) with preloaded globes for your Area of Interest (AOI), operator training, and spare parts
  • Featuring a 17.2-mile range (one way) and up to 90-minute flight time, ARTEMIS is suitable for tactical military operations, disaster response, public safety, and humanitarian assistance missions

US Federal today announces a collaboration with senseFly, the global leader in fixed-wing mapping drones and tactical mapping specialists, and Tough Stump Technologies to bring the latest ARTEMIS solution to market. Bringing together cutting-edge Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) from senseFly, laptops with the GEEP platform fully loaded with imagery and other mission data from Hexagon US Federal, as well as extensive support and training from Tough Stump Technologies, ARTEMIS is a first-of-its-kind integrated offering that allows operators to respond quickly, safely and with confidence.

In addition to the eBee sUAS, the ARTEMIS solution includes Google Earth Enterprise Platform (GEEP) equipped laptops, containing custom globes of mission AOIs built from satellite imagery and other geospatial intelligence and forms the backdrop for the eBee TAC-collected imagery. GEEP provides an intuitive interface for visualization and planning, integration with mobile situational awareness tools such as ATAK, and enables ARTEMIS to operate in disconnected environments.

The fully NDAA-compliant eBee TAC features a unique digital camouflage (“digicam”) skin for increased stealth during missions and can be rapidly deployed from assembly to hand-launch in just three minutes and operated by one person in the field for added agility.

“We are very proud of our partnership with senseFly and Tough Stump Technologies in building and deploying the ARTEMIS solution. It’s inspiring to see what a difference ARTEMIS makes in providing organizations with the ability to develop reliable, detailed situational awareness at the tactical edge,” comments Tammer Olibah, CEO and President, Hexagon US Federal.

“We’re excited to be working with Hexagon US Federal and Tough Stump Technologies. Together we have developed a forward-thinking solution that is unlike anything else on the market today,” comments Gilles Labossière, CEO, senseFly. “Harnessing the advanced capabilities of the senseFly eBee TAC, ARTEMIS allows users to cover large expanses of terrain quickly and efficiently “ even in remote areas that are difficult to access.”

Jarrett Heavenston, co-founder/CEO at Tough Stump Technologies adds, “There’s been a gap in situational awareness knowledge in the defense and disaster relief sectors for many years now. Other UAVs, like small planes or satellites, cannot capture as many details as a drone, which puts operators at a disadvantage in the field. Now, with ARTEMIS, there is access to a sophisticated, end-to-end offering for the first time that will be a game changer for these industries which need a higher-grade of aerial intelligence.”

For more information about ARTEMIS visit www.toughstump.com
For more information about senseFly drone solutions visit www.sensefly.com  

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