Hexagon US Federal Brings ARTEMIS Solution to Federal Government Defense and Public Safety Professionals

by | Mar 15, 2022

Approval of senseFly’s eBee TAC expands opportunities for geospatial collaboration.

CHANTILLY, Va. – Hexagon US Federal is pleased to share that through its partnership with senseFly and Tough Stump Technologies, an increased number of US Federal Government customers, including the Department of Defense (DoD), will now have easier access to its cutting-edge Aerial Reconnaissance Tactical Edge Mapping Imagery System (ARTEMIS) solution.

ARTEMIS is a versatile, user-friendly geospatial content management platform that includes senseFly’s eBee TAC™ Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and imagery sensors, enabling the rapid collection and use of tactical high-resolution imagery to establish critical situational awareness prior to conducting operations. ARTEMIS can be deployed from assembly to hand-launch in three minutes by a single user to generate 3D models, terrain and thermal maps that provide users with vital, detailed insights into their mission space. ARTEMIS excels in both connected and disconnected environments.

The eBee TAC UAS by senseFly, an AgEagle company, is an integral component of ARTEMIS. In December 2021, senseFly became one of 11 companies selected to participate in the Defense Innovation Unit’s (DIU) Blue sUAS 2.0 project. Through this demonstration and evaluation process, the NDAA-compliant eBee TAC has been approved by DIU for procurement by U.S. government agencies, including all branches of the U.S. military. The authorized eBee TAC will be available for purchase on the GSA Schedule Contract #47QTCA18D003G as a standalone product or as part of ARTEMIS. 

“Hexagon US Federal is proud to support the warfighter and public safety communities through innovative solutions such as ARTEMIS,” said Tammer Olibah, CEO and President of Hexagon US Federal. “ARTEMIS enables organizations to conduct safer and more effective operations, and DIU approval of the eBee TAC is a significant step in making ARTEMIS available to an even wider US Government audience.”

The ARTEMIS solution includes Hexagon US Federal’s Google Earth Enterprise Platform (GEEP) equipped laptops, containing custom globes of mission Areas-of-Interest (AOIs) built from satellite imagery and other geospatial intelligence; and serves as the ground station for integration the eBee TAC-collected imagery and visualization and analysis of the mission space. ARTEMIS is supported by training provided by Tough Stump Technologies.

Jarrett Heavenston, CEO and Co-Founder of Tough Stump Technologies, shared, “Tough Stump has been working with senseFly on the development of the eBee TAC for the past three years.  With enhanced security and signature mitigation features, we are thrilled to see this effort culminate in the eBee TAC added to the DIU Blue UAS approved list, further enhancing the ARTEMIS offering.”

Designed specifically for government and military mapping and mission planning applications, the eBee TAC operates in disconnected environments, providing a higher accuracy mobile solution to map and locally share aerial imagery data on rapidly changing field conditions to analyze and provide rapid situational awareness to ground forces. ARTEMIS is also ideally suited for public safety missions, including disaster response operations when communications and access to affected areas may be limited and it is critical to be able to visualize the affected area to quickly understand the severity and extent of the damage, and determine viable ingress and egress routes.

Learn more about how ARTEMIS can support missions from the tactical edge to emergency response.

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